Telecoin: Anonymous Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency

TeleCoin is a peer-to-peer anonymous cryptocurrency that is built using high-end encryption. TeleCoin has been developed to improve the privacy and security of transactions in a fast-paced globalized world of greater digital risks. It also provides a long-term energy-efficient private crypto-currency to the world.

The technology and protocols that TeleCoin will implement are unique. The fact that this is based on Community Governance also means that this will take many directions in the future.

They differ as they take Blockchain technology to the communications industry with the encrypted operating system they plan to build. Others have tried but TeleCoin has a unique and different approach and they will offer a free app that will show people some of these features. The network is currently undergoing beta tests and has beta wallets to download directly from the GitHub repository.

TELE Main Net is an open-source Hybrid Blockchain with the goal of providing a long-term, energy-efficient, cryptocurrency with advanced privacy and security features. Innovations such as Obfuscation, SwiftTX, and MasterNode feature, based on the basis of Bitcoin, Dash, and PIVX, as well as a bid proof protocol, were implemented to help further the field.

Characteristics Of TeleCoin:

  • The TeleCoin system has an ecosystem of 0 confirmation mechanisms. With this system, operations can be performed without the approval of many miners. In this way, long waiting queues are eliminated in other blockchains while operations are accelerated.
  • With the Transfer surprise system, people can block the tracking of the digital money they send. Normally, it only needs to write the tx code for other users to see their actions. After that, the number of transfers and transfer fees made by others can be seen on the users ‘ computer. Therefore, the security of users is out of the question.
  • Even people who meet the new blockchain can trade thanks to TeleCoin’s easy interface. Users only need to enter addresses in their wallets. Users can bookmark overused accounts if they want. Incorrect money transfers cannot be made on this system, where the name of the user or the account sent can be entered.
  • Each user can participate in mining activities in exchange for the telex money he owns. As an alternative to traditional mining systems, this system uses little energy and does not require separate equipment.



TeleCoin is a secure, decentralized mobile phone that allows users not only the ability to control crypto assets via cold storage, but also the ability to store personal data/files and information directly in the blockchain. This also allows users to restrict, control and manage capabilities on the phone.


Wallet Benefits

Simple to Use
Encrypt Your Wallet
Back-Up Capability
Stake Personal Holdings to Power the Network
Incentive-Based Structure — (Proof of Stake)
Compatible with MacOS, Windows, and Linux
Transparent Ledger

Token Details and IEO:

Token name: TeleCoin X
Ticker: TELEX
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: Erc777
Fixed Supply Total: 15.5m

The IEO will take place on LATOKEN Exchange and will launch this month on 31st July 2019. It will end on 30Th August 2019. The price per TELEX token will be $1.33 per token. There is a total fixed supply of 15.5m TELEX and 12M TELEX will be available to buy on the LATOKEN platform when the IEO is launched.

Token allocation:

Public Sale (80%)

Company & Market Making Pool (10%)

Team & Developer Incentives (5%)

Bounty & Community (5%)

Use of funds:

55% -Trend-Setter & Tele-Fone (MobileApp, Software Dev, Web Wallet)

15%- 24 Months Dedicated Customer Support, Security, Administration Team

15%- Development Contingency, Listing fees

10%- Marketing Budget Over 24 Months

5%- Hardware, Licenses and Deployment Costs




TeleCoin is an open-source project with the goal of providing a long-term energy-efficient cryptocurrency with enhanced privacy and security features. Built on the foundation of Bitcoin, Dash, and PIVX, innovations such as a Proof-of-Stake protocol has been implemented to help further advance the field of crypto-currency, along with Obfuscation, SwiftTX, and MasterNode capability.

TeleCoin delivering a lightweight efficient token with enhanced privacy, relying on a TrustLess decentralized digital mechanism to generate a broad immutable consensus. TeleCoin delivers a secure medium of exchange. TeleCoin is one of the few cryptocurrencies of the future. The IEO is currently in progress in LAToken and details of the project can be found at the links below.

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