The Crypto Economy and Why "Dumping Your Coins" Might Be a Losing Bet...

Inflation... A highly discussed and controversial topic in the past couple of years or so... Especially once the covid lockdowns started which generated a lot of so-called money printing and supply chain disruptions. Inflation is here and it's here to stay, and to my opinion, it's way over the official numbers that we're getting.

I watched an interesting video yesterday of @maneco64 and in his video, Maneco and his guest discussed the "currency reset" that seems to be in play and how the devaluation of the British pound, for example, is a clear indicator that such a devaluation which is part of the currency reset is the perfect catalyst for replacing our current money with CBDCs.

I know that some of you refuse to believe that these will ever even be accepted and become a real thing, and in this regard, I hope these individuals believing like that are right, but the reality is quite different...

Australia’s central bank is rolling out a pilot phase this month for a CBDC, inviting companies to explore use cases, like foreign exchange settlements and even livestock auctionsDubai announced a new legal framework for #Bitcoin & crypto operators in ambitious plan to become global hub(and it's not what you're thinking of) while House Republicans Accuse Biden White House Of Creating 'Authoritarian-Style' Digital Dollar.

These are just a few headlines that I collected from my Twitter feed and relate to the topic that I felt like sharing through this post, but the truth is most of the governments/central banks are working on a central bank digital currency which in my opinion is pure rat poison.

One important aspect that Maneco's guest underlined in the above-mentioned video was that during these times of "currencies reset" you are not advised to hold much cash. Chances are that your cash will be "exchanged" for the new type of money on some sort of parity but even if this happens and you don't lose it all, you're still at a loss.

A loss of privacy and freedom, as CBDCs are easily manipulable(programmable money) and controlled. If all the rumors regarding these shall come true then we will be faced with a monthly limit in regards to holding such form of cash, limits on purchases, and probably a strong tie between how we're gonna be allowed to spend much money and the carbon credits that are highly advertised recently which could become reality too.

But we have crypto, right? Well, that's true, we have crypto and so far buying yourself some Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is not much of a hassle. But once you've done that and the market goes up does it make any sense anymore to dump your Bitcoin for cash?... Let's say two-three years from now.

If we "are certain" that cash as we know it is going extinct and we're about to go through a currency reset, what point does it make anymore to sell our coins for cash? Doesn't make more sense if we simply hold our wealth as much as possible in the crypto realm?...

I know, selling the top means that we will be able to buy more coins for the exact sum of money that we used to buy the initial stack, but what if we get caught off guard, in the sense that most of our wealth is out of the crypto economy and into the traditional one when the so-called currency reset will occur... Isn't that a losing bet? What do you think?

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