Talking Numbers: About Steemit and Publish0x Rewards

Talking Numbers: About Steemit and Publish0x Rewards

It's a bit over two years since I started blogging on Steemit/Steem and roughly four months since I am a publisher on Publish0x. I confess right from the beginning that I am posting the same "99% identical" articles on Steem as well as on Publish0x. I haven't reached that level of dedicating separate articles to each platform...yet. I could do that but it wouldn't be worth it, because from what I noticed there are consumers for the same topics on both platforms.

From my observations Publish0x seems to be more crypto oriented, but that is no inconvenient of cross posting from one to each other as there are plenty of crypto interested people on Steemit as well, so no matter how I can move the cursor I will end up posting on both anyway.

Talking rewards on Steem and Publish0x, for the content a creator chooses to upload, either one you're going to choose you're gonna end up being paid in crypto, so you might choose both of them, to make the most out of the new inetrnet money. It's just a suggestion, don't get mad if you adore only one and don't even feel like touching the other. They both share similar concepts when comes to practicality and user experience, and Publish0x, might have found a bit of inspiration from Steemit, but over all both are unique.


The fundamental difference between the two is that Steemit runs on the Steem blockchain, while Publish0x doesn't run on a blockchain. Steemit, theoretically is a decentralized blogging platform where no one can censor anyone or kick out of the platform, while Publish0x is centralized and you can be terminated for bad behavior such as spamming, plagiarism or any sort of abuse. I wish Steemit would have an option to ban bad actors as well, but you can't do that when you're decentralized, right.

I said rewards, so let's look into them, from a content creator's perspective. As I mentioned above both offer to their active users cryptocurrencies for their likes, and on Steemit you get STEEM or SBD, which are its native cryptos, while on Publish0x you are being offered, through tips which are pretty similar to upvotes on Steemit, cryptos such as DAI, hydro, and BAT. The wallet supports Bounty0x as well, but haven't received any. Mostly BAT you can expect from Publish0x.

Now when we're analyzing rewards on Steemit we can refer them to as proof of stake, because the payout of one post doesn't rely entirely on the number of upvotes but on the weight of those upvotes. The bigger the SP stake holder the juicier the rewards, so we can call it a whale's world. Well, there is plenty of room for fish and plankton as well, but usually whales decide if you are gonna be paid well, or nothing at all, because Steemit has the option to downvote as well, and the way payouts can go up, the same way they can go zero.


I am not gonna enter into details regarding the downvotes, flag wars, destroyed publishers and so on, because it's not the topic for the post. Hence let's move to Publish0x and see how rewards work there and how they differ from Steemit ones.

In the case of Publish0x I would call the rewards system as a proof of attention, because one post's payout relies entirely on the attention that you get from the others. You can't even tip a post by not getting to its absolute bottom where you have the cursor to chose the tipping percent, you might read it or not, but at least you have to open it and see what's inside and there aren't auto votes. It's all manual and organic. You can go full self love and give the author only 20% and save the rest for you, or you can be generous enough to only keep 20% for yourself and 80% for the user, or anything in between.

Tips come from the Publish0x rewards pool, where there are no whales, everybody has the same tipping powder and a maximum tips per day, but the catch is that you can tip a post multiple times, and you can do that almost endlessly because there is no 7 days payout time frame as in Steemit's case. You see, neither are perfect in my opinion, and they can both be worked on to make them perfect, but both are based on different incentives.


Steemit somehow encourages users to harness as much Steem Power and curate with it, getting curation rewards based on their vote weight, while Publish0x bets more on attention, not from just one huge whale as the well known rewards pool rapist managed to milk the Steem daily dedicated rewards, but from as many unique users as possible. Although you need friends on Steemit as well, you can get fatty rewards from only one, if he's a fat whale of course. On Publish0x, they're all skinny and you kind of need big troops to make posts worth something.

I know that the title of the post starts with "talking numbers", but I won't compare my earnings on Steem with the ones I get on Publish0x because it is irrelevant. I am just four months old on Publish0x so I still have plenty of time to convince folks that they won't waste tipping power if they choose to tip me.

The idea is that both platforms are rewarding, but somehow different, and to put it all in a sentence I would say that Steemit is whale's platform where you depend entirely on whales, as a high paid content creator, while Publish0x is focused more one the individual, and getting high rewards you have to enter the race for the best content creator. I'm not saying that Steemit has a flawed rewarding system, because I get the idea behind it, but you can milk the rewards pool posting shit if you have the right whale splashing Steem on you.


On Publish0x on the other hand you have to earn more your rewards, and put more efforts into getting attention and tips, from my perspective, and circle jerking seems to be not too obvious. After all, for a post to reach $3-$4 it's almost impossible to circle jerk, because there are no whales, and your daily tips are numbered, so you can't jerk them all. Voting power can be drained on Steemit as well, but it' almost unlimited in weight.

Bottom line I am happy to be blogging on both of them, and eager to watch them develop on the years to come. Steemit has an almost three years head start, but the waters are not that clear around its future after Justin Sun took the wheel over from Ned Scott. My hopes are for developments and not the destruction of a beautiful platform and community and hope to not be disappointed. Publish0x is pretty new, but promising and seems to be growing in numbers pretty well. Hope to be blogging on both for as long as possible, and recommend anyone reading this post, to try them both. They are definitely worthy and promising.


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