Stiff Pens

Stiff Pens

I don't know how many of you are dealing with what's called the writer's block, but just to know this can happen to anyone, no matter how passionate they are about blogging, and by default of writing. OK, there are some exceptions, but otherwise almost anyone can hit the writer's block once in a while. Just yesterday I read two posts of some people I follow on Steem about exactly this problem, and I decided to dedicate an article to this situation. Not that I'm an expert in the field, but I have pockets full of opinions and ideas, and I can never keep them for myself. I risk blowing them under so much pressure.

I have long realized that in the world of bloggers, and especially in those of Steem, mediocrity eats me alive when it comes to the sensationality of my posts, and yet I refuse to give up. Consider that this blockchain is quite accommodating to everyone, and as long as I have something to tell, criticize or praise, I will do it. This probably helps me, often, to avoid getting stuck in front of a blank page. I'm that naive to believe that people would still read me, and I keep going forward :).

Enough with the starting steam, and I think it would be a good idea to dig through these pockets after the first ingredient that I find very effective in combating writer's block, which at least in my case, works very well. My best posts, after my own criteria of course, were written in the evening or at night, and although I don't have a scientific explanation for it, I feel that in the late hours of the day, my mind is much calmer, and my subconscious emanates a lot easier, all kinds of ideas worthy of becoming a blogging theme.

Probably silence plays a very important role in finding inspiration to write, and the night certainly does not lack it. The night and ... sometimes alcohol as well, give free rein to the imagination, which seems to be frozen during the day, when our attention is stolen by dozens of people or attractions around us. In the Romanian tradition it is said that "the night is a good adviser" and I tend to give credit to this saying. That is why I strongly recommend that anyone facing blockages of this type, to try and write in the evening, more than during the day. It is not necessary for those articles to be posted at that time, but in my case, writing at late hours seems to be much more enjoyable, more inspiring, and the random thoughts I convey through this blog seem to be more refined.

Rarely do I make plans with regard to the next post I am about to make, leaving me totally inspired, if I would. Many times when I tried to structure certain articles, as professionally as possible, and when I tried to work on them from a day to another, the end result was more than mediocre. I had numerous posts, which not only received plenty of upvotes, but ignited a nice engagement as well, and which were the result of a momentary inspiration, that simply sat me in front of my laptop and put my fingers to work.

I don't know how accurate I expressed myself in the previous paragraph, but the basic idea is, to spill your guts out and don't try to work on too much preparation. This way you have no way of being affected of any kind of blockage. Even the idea of searching hard for a blogging topic and working too hard for it, in my opinion, can create such bottlenecks. I think this activity of writing and keeping a bog alive, must come as naturally as a walk in the park. If it rains, just stay home, and that's it.

Overthinking is the master killer of writing. This is the conclusion of a champion in overthinking, trust me. It is true that without thinking beforehand, we would not even be able to open a laptop, but when we start writing, thinking has too little work, in my opinion. The best articles are born when overthinking died, or went into a coma. As long as the brain burns and smokes, I doubt that something good can come out of the fog, which is worth setting on a page and share it online.

Forget about niches, and avoid creating one. Says the one who started from the idea of ​​building this blog on a niche. It is true that, especially in the case of photo blogs, having photography as a niche you will never run out of ideas, but few areas of activity can generate extraordinary posts daily, few have the ability to keep the audience connected to your blog, while you write daily about the same topics, and diversity seems to be one of the best antidotes for writer's block. Blogging is not a marriage, and that is why diversity is allowed and encouraged.

Last but not least, don't forget that Steem is not an obligation, and no one will punish you if, in a day or two, you didn't put anything on the table. That's it, even Facebook gets shut down sometimes, so there's no problem if we take a break from time to time. Many make this mistake of considering Steem a daily task, and in the days when you really don't have anything to write about, but still do, it can be easily observed, and one of the signs you can see, will be the level of engagement that you'll have on that post. Do it for fun and nothing will block you from blogging. Things are getting screwed and stiff when you do it just for the sake of it though. Pretty much like everything.

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