Steemit - Communities and/vs Community

Steemit - Communities and/vs Community

There are still mixed feelings regarding Steemit's latest update and the final release of communities and I totally get why. The UI needs more improvements, the my feed and my blog are no longer as they used to be, but at least now we can scroll through categories sorted out posts...or, are we?

I guess this was the intention of this feature, and to some extent it has achieved its goal, simply because people have created communities, mostly based on the previous tags, and the ones that didn't had a tag to pour their posts in, now have a community. Everyone can create one for 3 Steem, so you know. Even I have my own...but it's nothing worth mentioning.

Besides posting into a community for the sake of being part of that community curation is a big deal as well. Big players/bots/whales kind of have created their own communities as well, and obviously that quite many posters, including myself in most of the cases, dedicate their posts to a certain community to hook some nice upvotes. Don't tell me you're not in it for the money, because I don't bite that.

Nothing happens on auto mode with the way curation works inside communities and I appreciate that, because I admitted multiple times of not being a fan of auto votes, but the patrons of every community, especially @ocd which I noticed on my own experience, support most of the content creators inside their community.

So, does that make you a "guaranteed milking man" if you keep on posting on in one particular community? Definitely not, the more popular the communities become, the more users will use them, especially the ones that pay good and the harder will be to make it...

Outsiders, and in here I'm referring to whales that don't necessarily have created a community, visit multiple communities and curate whatever content they feel like worthy of some love, and that's great, for both the parties, but at the end of the day, I will say it again, nothing's guaranteed. Your posts might be overlooked in the small/big pond that you chose to cast your lure into and that's where "communities aren't a given in terms of curation".

Please sir, share us your secret on long term milking, and Steem tokens abundance!. Well... I don't have it, but I would bet on community before communities... Or, should I say "community and communities", because why have a vs between the two. Community is what you usually have on your messaging groups, weekend hangouts and vacations, but here's not real life, right.

In here, community represents the peeps that you follow for follow, and upvote for upvote and by no means am I writing that on a sarcastic tone. You know me, I'm a serious man. No, sir... By community I refer to people that don't hesitate to open your posts even when you upload four of these a day, or shit post during week days...cuz weekend is for blogging and we all know that. Yes, people that you won their hearts for centuries, are actually your community.

They're the ones that have you on auto vote, resteem your great blogs and shit posts as well, and will defend you against a potential Corona downvote pandemic. OGs one could say. Once you have such a community you can pretty much laugh at communities, but why should you do that... Really, you shouldn't.

Having communities at hand, besides community, you now have the chance to add more to your community and make it greater than America became under Donald Trump's administration, so what's stopping you, or me, from doing that? Laziness, because you need to scroll a bit, actually a few hours a day, through the ones you find appealing and read some posts... then engage, not for the sake of getting engage tokens, but for making yourself known there as well.

Posting is not enough, inside a dedicated community, because you might get overlooked when curation time comes, so you kind of still depend on individuals for that to become great. That's what I learned on my own white skin, and not just a cheap lesson that I'm trying to give to you, especially new folks, for free. Quite often I resort only to reading or simply swiping through posts on my feed and that's not enough.

Nothing's nailed though with communities yet, and I guess I should work more in widening "my community", through communities, and that's the good part of this new update, besides guaranteed upvotes. Whoever found engagement low a few weeks ago, or was complaining on not having a rich feed, should know that there are options now, and they're quite easier to use than tags. Make the most out of communities and make your own greater than America. Good luck!

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