Steem - The Declaration of Milking

Steem - The Declaration of Milking

Have I come too late to the milking party? No I haven't, because I've been doing this since February 8, 2018, when I came across this milking cow. My second year on Steem is about to get burned in less than two weeks, so I'm getting old and yes, you read it right, it's gonna "get burned", but not one single Steem of mine is gonna get into the fire of some bozo's idea, someone who eats chips all day in front of a laptop and gets stroke once in a while with brilliant ideas to make Steem great again.

I have to confess that, although I considered SBD potato and burning Steem posts simply bullshit, I didn't bothered to read them when scrolling through the trending page. Lets say I have a sharp intuition and have been wasting too much time reading useless initiatives on fixing Steem. STEEM DOESN'T NEED TO BE FIXED! Steem needs a great marketing scheme and some proper advertising, small tasks that plankton and minnows like myself, and even some whales, are doing for months now.

I may be bad at math and the fundamentals of this blockchain might be too much math for me to comprehend, but one thing is sure, Steem was created to be milked. I remember clearly, as a mountain's creek water, that when I first opened, it was stated about it as being a blockchain based platform where content creators get rewarded in Steem tokens, for their quality posts, that come from a daily rewards pool. Hope I'm not wrong about rephrasing that welcoming message, and that for me is THE DECLARATION OF MILKING for the Steem cow, and us the farmers.


Yes, some have abused that declaration, and the cow, and we all know who I'm talking about, leaving the thirsty mouths with only a few drops to sip, once in a while. Does that mean that I stopped believing in this declaration? No, and the proof is my presence on this blockchain for almost two years, time frame in which I posted almost daily, one or two posts a day, with just about two weeks of a pause this summer, and managed to even make some virtual friends, while getting the milk.

How about that mister SBD POTATO, did you managed to make any friends in here, or will you survive two years doing your shit every day? NO, and if you'll do that I will eat my penis like McAfee did :). Neither that burning post initiative won't last for too long, because it's worthless in my opinion, and not the right way to make Steem visible, attractive for investors, and an alternative for current social media platforms.

Let me tell you what I do, and what I consider to be more effective and healthy for Steem than what the french fries and the burning house do. First of all, I post daily on whatever I consider writing about and never plagiarized anything to help myself earn more, I share on twitter almost every post that I have on Steem, tagging Steem and hopefully creating more exposure for the blockchain, and I also cross post on other platforms very often mentioning Steem, and even dedicating entire posts to it, and not being embarrassed to share them in there as well.

Yes, I might not be the noisiest person out there, and who knows if a millionaire will ever get to read any of my posts that I share on twitter, and decide to buy tons of Steem to appreciate its price, in a healthy manner, but I still consider that I'm doing better for Steem than what that potato and burning posts are doing. We're all doing much better for Steem, by creating content on the blockchian, without which it would only be a ghost type blockchain, generating traffic, which actually matters when ranking social media platforms, and making this Steem cow a social one, where people talk to each other, share ideas, and reward each other. Damn, we even have communities in here, and we get potatoes on the trending page...?! What's more representing for Steem, when presenting itself to new users, burning posts and potatoes, or communities that the new user can join? I doubt anyone comes for potatoes...


How social are the two above mentioned initiatives? Almost not at all in my opinion, and moreover, they even take the milk from the thirsty mouths of new users, and old ones like myself, to waste it to the toilet. By burning it... Wouldn't it be better to redistribute it to content creators, that deserve it of course, so they can keep on creating and recommend the blockchain to others as well? I joined this platform because a friend of mine told me about it and he mentioned, I quote: there's something called Steem, a blockchain type of blog where you can post articles and make money, I think that would suit you. That's how I came in here, due to rewards, not burning posts. If he would have told me that I can join a platform and get some rewards through my post for the sake of burning these I would have...

No such initiative will bring new users, or keep the old ones alive. Maybe some, that have hundreds of thousands, or millions of Steem, will resonate with this idea, but not myself. When you join a rewarding social media/blogging platform you expect rewards, and who doesn't appreciate them. Yes, chances are that not all of us will get the same amount, and it's natural to be that way, and I won't dig too much into that topic because it would take a whole separate post, but we all smile a bit when we have a dollar or two in upvotes, a day. It's the dopamine in the brain that makes us create more, engage more and keep this blockchain alive and running. Otherwise it will die, like others did.

Does that mean that I am able to make a living out of blogging in here, by daily milking, like I had in mind when I joined Steem, and the price for one token was $5? No, that's not the situation, but I'm not quitting either, and as long as I will have some spare hours a day to dedicate for blogging in here, I will. I said it, and I will say it again, this is for me the most time and energy consuming social media site that I have used,and I don't regret a second spent in here.

And lets be real, who would still come and spend hours and hours a day, if it wasn't for some rewards involved? Maybe some would, but they're just a few, and even with them still around, we could call it a dead project. Hence, the narrative is that, Steem was created to be milked, and we shouldn't be shamed of doing that, we should be shamed though of abusing that rewards pool, or wasting the Steemdedicated rewards on nonsense initiatives.

Credits for inspiring this post go to @whatsup for initiating the MILK CHALLENGE and @toofasteddie for passing it forward. Rewards, if any, will stay in my wallet though, and no Steem will get burned. The word about Steem though will be spread and you shall have my #proofofshare in the comments section. This was The Declaration of Milking. Case closed!


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