Staggering and Deceptive

Staggering and Deceptive

Every dip that occurs in the crypto market is eaten alive, literally, and seems that there's no room anymore for going lower. The Bitcoin halving is right around the corner and smart money will profit immensely on that. It's not all about Bitcoin, for many years now, and some of the shitcoins are performing like mad kangaroos on a dog race track. Jumping like hell and keep going forward.

There's only Bitcoins and shitcoins one friend of mine used to say about three years ago, when alts where not a thing at all, and BTC was the shinning gold of cyber punks and clever investors, that not necessarily know how to code or to even create a website. Time has passed, the bear market has polished some of the good projects, such as Steem for example, and gradually the dominance of BTC is sliding towards 60%, while quite a few are still waiting for that 70% or more.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trashing BTC by no means, and I consider that the halving will impact its price immensely. If we didn't had an over $20k BTC last year during the summer session for crypto spikes, we will have one this year for sure. The levels of price that BTC will touch, after the halving, in half a year or even one year after, nobody knows exactly how much, will be staggering and deceptive at the same time. Deceptive for the ones calling for $1k and not buying discounts, and more deceptive for the ones that haven't bought not even under $10,000. The smart and inspired ones will be able to amass staggering profits.

But it's not all about BTC and it will never be. It definitely deserves the digital gold stigma, but don't forget that when BTC spikes 3x alts usually do a 10x. Now, I understand that some don't afford to buy BTC, or they simply don't like it, but at least one hundred dollars worth of cryptocurrencies should be in the pockets of anyone that at least heard about what we call crypto. It's probably not the opportunity of the decade, as we will have another boom and bust cycle by the end of this one, but it's definitely the best money making opportunity for the next two-three years.

Why I bet hard on altcoins for this bull market is their level of deflation from the ATHs and the cheap and hot prices that they had and some still do. Tell me Steem is not cheap at 20 cents after you bought at $1, but you won't buy more because... that's market psychology. Remember when alts where cheap and hot and every junior high was making youtube videos recommending Tron and Cardano, while dreaming about Lambos? Those times will come back again. Or should I say the history repeats itself.

Taking history into account we might look at IOTA that was recording a 30x price increase in 2017, in half a year. That type of madness I'm betting on for the year to come and halving might triple the fun. Even when alts will stop and breathe for a while, while BTC will get to lets say $60,000, tons of money will flow out of BTC into altcoins quite fast. It's psychology, and for many of us the gambling psychology applies in crypto as well.

You don't leave the table after you won in a casino, you play at another one hoping for luck to strike again. Only a few bastards get that lucky to win twice, and that's why the house always wins. This year we, the old and salted ones that survived the bear market, represent an important share of what we call the house in a casino, the crypto casino. Having a painful experience of missing the top, and witnessing a whole cycle while holding bags of crypto, sets us way ahead of the new army of emotional FOMO future rekt ones, that will buy when even Cartoon Network will talk Bitcoin.

I don't know about you, but I'm not planning on holding my shitcoins till the next cycle. This time I'm gonna pass them by, to new hungry mouths. It's the only way I could add value to all this time waiting and hoping, and the only way of actually monetizing my content in here as well. I will for sure not nail the exact top with all my portfolio, but I don't even care that much about it. I'm happy with the meat in between and I will keep a small moon bag, just in case.

The question that one might ask now is are you planning on selling everything? Hell yeah. Why would I hold and see prices dipping and dipping for years to follow. We are decades away from mass adoption and tens of trillion dollars market caps, so why not make a living out of these cycles. There's always gonna be a good opportunity to invest, and a great one to take profits, for the patient one. You just have to feed the clever and patient wolf and things will work out smooth.

Some of us involved in crypto are even able to earn valuable tokens such as Steem, BAT and who knows what others, and although the temptation might be to sell them too early, considering that they earned them cheap, I wouldn't do that. They're all gonna pump in this bull market. We're not there yet, where we can say that just fundamentals pay. The crypto market is still a highly speculative one and the most important thing right now, is to simply hold crypto. It doesn't matter that much what, but don't sell it cheap. Regarding Steem, I know that it felt a lot from its peak, and some good fellas helped it for that fall, after being string believers for years. Other good fellas will come and put it back on a new peak.

No worries, nobody will get out poor from this bull market. Patience pays strong hands and an unshakable belief can move mountains. One last thing before I end this post... Watch how dormant Steem users are coming to life once again, witnessing Steem appreciating, and how they warm up their hands for milking again the rewards pool, motivating that they we're having a two year flu and that's why they weren't too active. Not too late guys, but usually bear markets are the best to accumulate. Have fun and Steem on!

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