Passwords are Bad Habits

Passwords are Bad Habits

My first online password that I set for myself and by myself, from what I remember, was a yahoo one and not that much for their e-mail services but for the messenger they had attached to. At that time we didn't had whatsapp, sending texts around the world would have been too costly, but the need to connect was there. I am still using that password to some accounts actually. I forgot though on which of them exactly, but my gadgets know...

Passwords however seem to be walking on a dead end road according to CNBC, and there are a tons worth of dollars reasons to point them like that. The strongest one, among experts, is that they're easy to crack and that in the case of giant companies costs for recovering passwords are huge. They're all that matter in this world, after all...

There are alternatives though, and one of them I currently am using on my smartphone as well. It's biometrics that I'm talking about. Such as fingerprint readers, face recognition and voice detection. The era of Blackberries is long time abolished and you can now unlock your smartphone by using your fingerprint or your face. Not 100% safe and efficient, but the tech is here, and experts claim it's harder to crack than a simple password.

Not only that we "have at hand" such tech, but it seems to even invite us to use it more by the day and it's comfortable to do it, and hard to resist. For example we have Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant that can recognize voices and know who the master is, in order to play he's favorite song, playing all night long...:) OK, on a serious note now, it seems that even banks such as Barclays and Chase use voice recognition for their customers phone banking services, and they've been doing that for a few years.

Boimetrics are helping Microsoft's employees to login to their PCs for work, by using a small device that recognizes fingerprints and gets connected to the PC/laptop via its USB, and Windows 10 seems to be having, although I am not aware of it on my laptop yet, some face recognition system named Hello. You don't need to set a password anymore on a Windows 10 device and simply use the face recognition to unlock it. Interesting fact though, that you can't ditch the password, nor the face recognition system. I tried with my laptop ever since Windows 8 and couldn't manage to eliminate the password on my laptop.

I really don't need one, as it's working as a PC now, having it's battery dead for years. I don't want and I don't need too much biometrics either to run properly in the world, and although the narrative of security seems to be strong, I believe it's another excuse to make the Big Brother world scenario a reality. If you have had enough with my conspiracies regarding the society becoming an Orwellian world, then it's time to stop reading this post, because pretty much the rest of it will be about it.

I don't believe that smartphones reading biometrics, Alexas reading our voice, and personal data being required to so many devices and accounts, are a reality just by chance, or that it's for our own good. Yeah right, and Facebook was also created for our own good. Yes, the user benefits from some easy going and tempting features of the new tech, but it's not just the user benefiting from all that. I am not the first one observing how governments are transforming us into laboratory rats, as Alex Jones and David Icke have been vocal about this for decades before me.

It's just that the whole agenda is so obvious. That obvious that when you think of a device that knows your name, your address, your pets name and mother's birth name, your bank account, recognizes your voice and face, and tracks the shit out of you and collects tons of data about you, kind of becomes freaky... At least for me. Do they really have to know all of that about one person? It's probably that not even your wife knows that much about you, as your iPhone and Siri does.

All of that for making the user experience great again... Bullshit!!! It's all designed for total mass control, and such devices are plying the role of preparing the human kind for embracing a RFID chip under the skin, most probably inside the wrist, to make everything easier for you, and more transparent and collectible for them. It's gonna be the same propaganda played out once it will become a reality. That it is always at hand, it's personal, non hack able, holds everything you need for a living stored on it, and will give us the freedom we never asked for.

It's the total opposite, the way I see everyday gadgets and the internet it's like they're second names are anti-privacy. I remember watching Alex Jones and David Icke, while also reading related articles and books on the side, on the topic of such a RFID chip to become a reality that nobody can escape from, about 15 years or so ago. It's no novelty anymore, but I wasn't able to imagine at that time, how things will actually play out. It's not like they're gonna come one day and say to us: this is the chip, and it represents you, as an identity, and without it you won't be able to function in the world any longer.

It would have been too obvious and intrusive, but having gadgets that gradually introduce features to their users, that are similar with what this chip will be, somehow paving the road and educating the mass for adoption, seems more logic. If forced to accept it, people might have protested against and refused it from the beginning, but when you educate the masses and prepare them over years, it's no longer intrusive, and for some would even be a blessing. I don't know how much you pay attention to such gadgets, but I with my little eye, try to see them from different angles. It's definitely not all about user experience and security, and definitely not just about the user, and the strategy goes way beyond all these...

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