I Just Got My Crypto.com Card and Tested It Out, Another Kick In The Balls To The Banks From My Side

I Just Got My Crypto.com Card and Tested It Out, Another Kick In The Balls To The Banks From My Side

It's probably three weeks since I finally become eligible to order my plastic Crypto.com VISA card. I had the virtual one already working, but I needed a physical one as well, for the physical world :D. Three weeks later and I found it in my mailbox, shipped from the UK.

Indeed a pleasant surprise tbh. I am a crypto fanatic and have tried to circumvent banks by all means. Thus far Revolut and Binance have played an important role for that matter. I have been using the Binance card almost on a daily basis for almost a year now, I guess...

I don't remember the exact date I received it. I had overall a pleasant experience, but a failed transaction that was still not refunded had made the experience not so perfect. Hence it feels good to know I got options. As soon as I put my hands on the crypto.com VISA card, I have activated it and transferred some USDC to it to see how it works.

First I took it to a bank ATM to activate it and withdrew a few bucks as well to test the ATM withdrawals and than I went to a supermarket and bought myself something to eat. Both the withdrawing process and the contactless payment worked flawlessly. I will have to test it for online shopping as well, but some other day.

I don't know if my low IQ was to be blamed, or the process to actually top up this card is a bit over the hand in comparison with what Binance has... I've done the job though and as stated above, works fine. I also have 1% cashback on my shopping using it. There's one odd thing that I don't get yet about it.

As soon as I have topped it up, I got an in app message saying that 6 CRO have been staked for me... I guess the guys from crypto.com read my post on Leofinance today about staking and decided to do that for me :D. It's about 1.4 euros that are staying in a so called "exchange account"... I guess it's a fee for using the card, something like some XRP wallets have, I don't know exactly...

All I know is that I'm more and more independent from the banking system and I'm happy about. If you plan on ordering yourself such a card as well, and start using crypto.com, feel free to use my refferal so I can earn some extra crypto... Funny how much has the crypto environment changed since I joined in. Wonder how this world will look like in five years from now.

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