CZ, We Read Actions not Tweets, "FUNDS ARE NOT SAFU"

CZ, We Read Actions not Tweets, "FUNDS ARE NOT SAFU"

The recent aggressive take over of Steem by Tron, and his Justin Sun, through the main helping hand CZ and implicitly Binance, has not slipped under the eyes of important names in the decentralized crypto industry and the ones of many news outlets that reported about the attack. Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, tweeted yesterday about this situation and triggered reactions not only from Steem community but from CZ as well.

I guess the CEO of Binance would have rather stayed silent about the case but when you have that much noise on twitter, which is a centralized social media platform by the way, from news outlets as well, community members and big names like Vitalik, you realize it simply doesn't work that way, and step back with your actions, because that's what I believe he has done. He simply stepped back and came with lame excuses on twitter.

At first he tried to explain his position and Binance's position in voting with depositories funds and then he simply announced that they will remove the vote, which they actually did about six hours ago. Nothing's changed though on Steemit, when it comes to top 20 witnesses. When checking them, before actually started writing this article, the same new faces were deciding the future for Steem and Steemit, thus uncertainty is still covering the atmosphere in here. It's probably that Steemit needs more than Binance to take its vote back in order for the new top 20 witnesses to get back to anonymity again and for us to take our platform back.

One thing is sure though, and that's the shaken trust that CZ got with, after his "fully conscious act" of helping Tron and Justin Sun in taking over the blockchain in an aggressive way. He may claim on twitter that "FUNDS ARE SAFU" but using people's tokens for particular purposes doesn't mean safety to me. That's pretty much what banks do and I thought crypto was supposed to disrupt banks.

His strategy is completely clear to me, and probably you as well. All he wanted to do is help his Chinese friend, Justin Sun, to take over the blockchain through voting new witnesses, forking the chain, implement a four day power down time frame, and after that all the vested STEEM would be unlocked and CZ would end with a nice tip from Sun, I assume, and the new CEO of Steemit, with the dictatorial fully centralized Steemit, and Steem, that he wished right from the beginning would live happily ever after.

Not everything's clear yet, but I assume things won't work as Sun planned, and on top of that he faces important figures from the Steemit team resigning, after all this lets say failed try in stealing a community and a "free blockchain", just to tie it all in communist chains and kill what made Steem great.


Justin Sun on the other hand thinks we're a bunch of loosers and kindergarten kids with his tweet regarding the situation, posted five hours ago. He claims that Steem and Steemit are OK actually, and got even stronger, thanks to him of course, after defeating hackers...and that funds are SAFU. Really? We were actually attacked by hackers...?! Why didn't CZ mentioned that at all in his tweets... I guess you both haven't had a private talk before making your excuse stories for your actions.

You Justin, have taken us for fools right from the beginning, when refused to answer important topics on that live stream with Ned Scott and that should have been a warning signal, and a strong one. I guess nobody wanted to believe that Steem and Steemit is really in such a danger of becoming actually centralized and that you won't step back from fulfilling your plans of transiting the blockchain to TRX and create a Steem Tron token, and basically change almost everything that made Steem what it really is.

I guess some refused to see the truth and looked more into the full half of the glass, if there ever was any. I guess having a CEO that does something is better than having one that does nothing, it's what some might have had on their minds when they tried to communicate with your and come up with a plan to benefit you as an investor, and the community as the core of the platform and blockchain as well.

You disappointed, and I knew you will. I didn't like you from the beginning and have always had the feeling that you would do what you had in mind right from the beginning, instead of taking into account what the community has to say. Proof is your latest action, that you want us to believe it was all a hacking attack attempt. I don't buy that and I don't like you for being such a liar and a low character. Now the whole community doesn't like you either and you helped CZ weakening his reputation as well. Congratulations!

I said it right from the beginning that you will use your Chinese connections to play your game with Steem and here you have the proof. Nobody payed attention, because I'm no public figure in here... Next on your plans, I guess, if you won't be satisfied with your failure and start playing the role of Steemit's CEO, which is actually what you bought, is to try and delist STEEM from major exchanges, just to leave us with worthless internet money.

Justin Sun, you're a shame for the Steem community and the crypto world. You're exactly what we don't want for and from crypto. One more prediction before I close this article: you will get a phone call from CZ if you haven't got one yet, and words of praise won't be offered to you...

Steem community has really proven to be a community on twitter yesterday, but I guess sometimes it is too naive, in not taking action at the right time, and getting fooled by people like Ned and Sun. If you guys, the veteran witnesses and large stake holders, saw for years that Ned was not doing a great job why haven't you forked Steemit's influence and avoid such situations? I guess it was all in your hands..., or am I mistaken?


You're full of crap Justin with your twelve year old excuses and motivations. We're not that dumb you know, and we don't like you... LEAVE!

Thanks for attention,


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