This photoshop work is my own creat that's why i do it with my own way

This photoshop work is my own creat that's why i do it with my own way

My "PHOTOSHOP" work Episode #24


<center>This photoshop work is my own creat that's why i do it with my own way</center>



# <center>Today Episode is making some natural beautiful sceannery,like background ground with colour combination by photoshop.cs8</center>


<center>I had to do this work by Photoshop, I had to create many photos one by one for making completed one.</center>

<center>This type of work can not be done with a single photo,for this need more part of the photo.</center>


<center>In fact, there are some photos that look beautiful after editing and don't look beautiful before editing.</center>

<center>I have tried my best to make a this photo by my own creativity.</center>

<center>I also published my another photoshop work,actually i love to edit and photoshop is the best for the editing and effects of the photos.</center>


Few information about Photoshop.exe application :

* You all know photoshop is not easy software for working esily for the work you have learn at first otherwise you don't know where what happened in the photoshop work.

* If any body have idea or experience or if any one is ferfect in the photoshop onlly they can know where what used.

* Photoshop is most important part of graphic design not onlly graphic but also photoshop is also important for architacctural finel finishing work.

* You can try to use it with your anykind of own work as a background and if you have another plans to make it different way, i said yes it's possible and you can do it.

# Btw....Stay safe staying your home with your nearest and dearest and also yourself.Have a Good Day.Good night.


# Best Regards @nevlu123 And Special Thanks to All Friends who are supporting this Post

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I just join here for the shareing some blog,photography E,T,C

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