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My day activities

The first time I woke up this morning, when I went out with the brush, I saw fragrant flowers on the edge of our pond.





This was the garden of our pond. There are many flowers in that garden. Rajnigandha flowers are in the same tree.




I took some photos in the village and went to the pond to brush and when I finished brushing then I go to the washroom.


Then back from the washroom I go home and enter in my room and leave the brush and suddenly go out.


Then after a short walk and when I come home I have take rest in my room for a while.


Because now it is the month of Ramadan and today i was going to market I like because of which I will feel a little tired after coming from market so I went to bed.


Then after a while I heard the sound of a tractor bringing sand for our housework.





Then I saw two kids come in a tractor to get the ball to run here. Then I showed them the place to run here and then the boys threw the ball there.


Meanwhile, the work of fittings was going on inside the house and the work of these fittings I gave to my cousin was to do her job according to her skills.


Then when I finished throwing from the house the tractor left and I turned from the front of our house.


On the tour I do some macro photography there because when I go out of the house on the tour I take my micro lens in my hand and do some photography.





In fact, we all know that it is not possible for everyone to practice macro photography, but we try to do some beautiful macro photography.


Then when the macrophotography is done I return home and I go to the pond to take a bath and take a bath.


After taking a bath, I go to my room, go to my room, put on my clothes and lie down for a long time.
Then I went out to do sun photography because I didn't go to the market because of another lockdown and I had to stay at home because I didn't have any work.


So after taking a rest I went again for photography when the sun went down as the sun went down.





Everyone knows that the setting of the sun is one of the best moments on earth. It feels good to do photography right now and much more to watch the sun go down from there.


When I went out for a walk, I did some photography of the setting sun and took it back home.


Then I come again and check out my estimate notification on my mobile for a while.


Then I prepare a contest which I will give the result of the post ready.


Then in the evening when it was time for iftar I took what I had for iftar and started iftar.


At the end of Iftar, I thought for a while and told my mother to make tea and I drank tea.


After tea I. I give the time for the estimate and give the time for the estimate. When there is a lot of time, I think it is nine or ten o'clock, then I am preparing for bed and I am mine. I take the medicine and go to bed.


And I tapped my mobile phone for a while when I thought I would fall asleep, then I charged the phone and fell asleep.

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I just join here for the shareing some blog,photography E,T,C

Great holy welcome of beloved Rasul to us is coming of light to our dark life.collect from Imam Hayat

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