If I could start over I would be a (architect) by @nevlu123

If I could start over I would be a (architect) by @nevlu123

If I could start over I would be a (architect) by @nevlu123

# What profession would you want to be? 


# My own drawing pic #1

** If I could start over again, I would be an architect. I think this profession makes one capable to create something that once dreamt by him or her.

** When I saw any creature it makes me feel like this could be different.

** If I would be the architect of that creature or sculpture, a glimpse of art must be seen. I think architecture is a kind of art.

** Moreover an epic creature makes one immortal. I have chosen my profession for some reason. One of them is family needs.

** I don’t regret much yet an wish knocks sometimes that I could be something else. However my current profession is not so boring.


** Now I think every profession has it’s own beauty. One can enjoy in every field if he or she wants.

# Who is your role model in that space and why do you look up to that person?


** "Fazlur Rahman Khan" is my favourite personality and role model in the field of architecture.He is the father of mordern Architecture


<a href="https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/life-style/property/787236/Fazlur-Rahman-Khan-architect-engineer-Google-Doodle/amp">SoUrCe Of ThIs PiC </a>



** He is addressed as the ‘Einstein of the structural engineering’. I deeply cherish if I could be like him.

** He just changed the thought about skyscrapers. Now-a-days people making skyscrapers but there is lack of something I guess.

# What skill do you need to learn to be able to do that job?



** I want to fill that gap.
I have restart my study to have my dream profession as I left my dream career long ago without knowing myself properly.

# Is it still possible to go for that dream job? Why or why not?

** I don’t know is it possible or not to be an architect at current stage of life. I left my study life far behind.

** Anyway if still there is any chance to be an architect, I will grab that chance without thinking twice.

** I believe that may be the best part of my life.
Finally I just want to say one thing that everyone should follow his dream without thinking the ultimate result.

** At least they won’t regret not to following their dream.


# Information Note: (I have also some drawing idea i mean i have completed an short course in Architecture Drawing not any more)

![20180331_065232.jpg](https://images.weku.io:8234/DQmRcXfkhp82Guxty1MGMjfaRksuCmdW6oAEWFiTqYbaKbG/20180331_065232.jpg) # It's me


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