How To Repost And Delete Reposts On LBRY 📺

By Scott Cunningham | How To LBRY | 16 Jun 2020

In this brief guide, we will cover how to post and delete reposts on LBRY. We will also briefly look at how you use reposts to change the URL name, but we will dive deeper into the naming system in another episode.

To start we will cover reposting. Under any video, you will see: Share, Repost, and Support.


When you click repost a small window will pop up. From there, you can choose which channel you want to repost on from the dropdown menu. Next you choose the URL which the repost will exist on. This is a way to help better curate the system. For example, if you were to repost this repost episode currently under the “repost” URL, you could also repost it under the “reposts” name so that if someone searched “reposts” this would also appear in that search. This is a way you can curate your own content and others.


Depending on the deposit will also determine whether or not the repost will take over the current top claim. What this means is say someone has already posted “test” as in the picture above, then you would have to deposit more than their deposit to take the top spot from them. We will dive deeper into naming and how it all works in another episode.

I hope this helps you learn the inner workings of LBRY and give you the tools, tips, and tricks you need to succeed in your ventures here. Please comment on any video or on the channel any topics you’d like to see that isn’t listed or anything you need help with!

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Scott Cunningham
Scott Cunningham

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