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Prospectors Blockchain Game Let's You Play For Real Money

Prospectors blockchain game let's you play for real money, the whole game runs on PGL tokens and allows users to earn money inside the game!


Create virtual businesses, hire your workers out to do laboring jobs and transport items, buy and sell digital items, creating virtual banking services, hiring people to labor for you and all kinds of interesting and unique features!

This game has been in development for nearly 2 years and it's amazing how much detail there is and how realistic it is.



For example when you buy a tool, you must travel to the location where the tool is located and pick it up. This can take hours for your worker to walk there and pick it up.. it's all these different variables that make the game so complex.

The game is totally free to play, there is no need to put money in.. i know the idea of "mining gold" in a game sounds like one of those crypto mining scams.. this game has it's own in world economy and thousands of players online already buying and selling items.. all of which have real value to the players.



To get started with the game and earn your first bit of gold.. follow these simple steps.

First, visit this link when in Google chrome -



To play the game you will need to use Google chrome and create a WAX cloud wallet. Be sure to copy down your information and save it in a good place or you will lose access to the game and all of your hard earn money!

Once you have created your wax account and have the web wallet installed in Google chrome, go back to this link again and create your account on prospectors -

Next, after you have created your account and are logged into the game all you need to do to mine your first bit of gold and earn your first bit of real money is by getting your workers doing jobs.

Right now you are a bum in this town with no money, so you need to do jobs for other users in the game and they will pay you gold. They need to hire workers to work in the gold mines and mine clay, stone and other precious metals which are needed to build everything in the game.

So what you want to do here is get your 3 workers doing their first jobs, which will pay you some gold. On the bottom right hand of the screen you will see your 3 workers, click on the first guy.



This will open the below screen with all of your workers information. You can rename your worker, check his backpack and get him to create tools and useful items which are worth money.



Next all you need to do is click perform to see what the job pays, click on a few different jobs and see if you can find the highest paying job and then do that one.



Do this again for your other 2 workers, and if your lucky you might have earned 1-200 gold. For now you can login a couple of times each day and do this, until you saved up enough money to get a gold pay and a pick - then you can get jobs mining gold and earn 300+ gold each job.

The idea is to keep building up your tools and save your money, invest it into other things that make money and build your empire. This game is HUGE and will take years to play through, perhaps even longer.

I created a telegram channel for my crypto marketing business and we also have a guild for the prospectors game, if you end up playing the game and love it as much as i do be sure to join the telegram channel and join our guild.. together we can share resources, knowledge and help our group earn more gold.. which is what this game is all about!


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