Here Is How To Make Bitcoin Mining Much More Profitable - Mine Up To 12 Coins On One Box!!

Here Is How To Make Bitcoin Mining Much More Profitable - Mine Up To 12 Coins On One Box!!

Today i wanted to show everyone how to make Bitcoin mining much more profitable.


For around 3 years now i have been testing the different ways to mine, and i think i have come up with the the worlds most profitable bitcoin miner.

So here is my setup.. first i started with the Fractal design r5 case, this one has room for up to 3 GPUs depending on your motherboard, along with 8 X 3.5 Inch HDDs and one SSD for your operating system.



So in this one box, i can fit 8 HDDs, my SSD for the operating system, and 1- 3 GPUs depending on which card i choose.


Many of you may not know, but you can mine bitcoin with your hard drive.

BitcoinHD -  is a popular coin in China to mine with your hard drive, it has good trade volume, many users and is gaining popularity.

If you place for example, 8X 10TB HDDs inside, you could mine up to 0.57 BCH each day, with a street value of $1.40 USD.

Each hard drive will consume around 7.5W - 12W of power depending on your HDD model, so at most 96W of energy. The good thing is this type of mining doesn't actually use your HDDs much at all, so i think you will find the power is much, much lower.

Even at 96W, this is much more profitable than any GPU or CPU mining.


Next, you can throw in 1-3 GPUs, i like to have just one big GPU in the each box, so it doesn't overheat too much and the actual box doesn't put out too much heat. Once you have a few GPUs in there it really starts to heat up, and if the metal heats up the whole room starts to warm.

One of the best cards to use for bitcoin mining is the RX 5700 XT - This one can do around 50MHs per second at around 250W of power.

This 1 graphic card can earn around $0.75 cents USD according to the nicehash calculator.


Next, on your CPU you can mine a little Monero. This won't really earn you much, in fact you will probably lose money at todays rate - But if you HODL like i did.. your earnings will could be much more in the future. Just mine on 1-4 cores, only use around 30% of your CPU power for this.


So far we are mining 3 coins.. not to bad. But how can we get this up to 12+ coins?


Another way to mine is with proof of stake mining.

Many coins are now adopting this method as it's much more energy efficient.

The way you POS mine coins, is by simply running the wallet software and holding some coins in them. With this type of crypto mining, you can in fact earn thousands of dollars a day from this one machine.. it all comes down to how many coins you hold in the wallet.

If your CPU is fast enough and has enough ram, you can run 10+ wallets on one machine. This takes a alot of bandwidth and resources, i suggest an i7 4770 with 32GB of ram.

Some good POS coins you look at mining would be QTUM, TRX, NEO, Decred, there are so many available and even big coins like Ethereum are looking at doing POS in the future as it's much more energy efficient.


So on this one machine, you can earn profit from at least 12 different coins at once, and the power consumption is not massive.

I hope this helps everyone earn more profit! If it helps you, be sure to follow my twitter for learning more ways to earn bitcoin!



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