Brief Overview of LISK Platform

Few days ago, I've read some information about Lisk, here are brief overview about Lisk Platform

The Lisk platform is simply describe as a blockachain application platform that enables developers to build their own Dapps.


The whole Lisk ecosystem provides enery-efficient blockchain network, developers tools and community to it's users. To achieve this goal, Lisk platform also provides a secure gateway to blockchain technology.

Lisk's blockchain technology is a secure and decentralized blockchain with no central point of failure. It runs by a global network of computers that stores information on the blockchain. The Lisk blockchain network uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPos) consensus algorithm.

The most unique and important advantage of Lisk compare to other blockchain technology like Ethereum is the programming language being used. The programming language Lisk uses is the popular JavaScript programming language which is already widely known among developers and widely used programming language in creating apps in the web.

The creator and founder of Lisk are Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows in early 2016 but it was previously named as Crypti way back 2014. Crypti was known to be one of the earliest open-source blockchain application platform.


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