[TUTORIAL] - How to start, install the Brave browser and win BAT?
[TUTORIAL] - How to start, install the Brave browser and win BAT?

By Cryptoxe | How to win bitcoin? | 26 Mar 2020

What is Brave?


According to them, Brave gives us back the power, thanks to browsing speed, security and confidentiality without equal. Thanks to the browser, you can even get paid by choosing to receive Brave's privacy-friendly advertisements.

The biggest problem with Internet browsers is that all these ads are intriguing, the collection of our data, if you too are fed up with Brave is for you!

Brave features:


  • The Brave Shield: Block ads and data retrievers.
  • A faster browsing speed: Without all these ads and trackers it is obvious that the browsers are faster from 2 to 8x faster for the most famous news sites according to them.
  • Their private navigation system: It does not only hide your history from the rest of the users of your computers, Brave uses Tor Private Tabs, which also allows you to hide your location from the websites you visit thanks to an encryption system.
  • Receive rewards: By activating their options Brave Rewards win BAT when you see advertisements respectful of your privacy. Set the number of ads you want to see per hour.
  • Reward your favorite creators: Thanks to the Brave Rewards program make donations to the creators of your favorite websites

How to install Brave?


To install Brave nothing simpler:


  • Run the file you just downloaded,


  • Wait a few minutes for installation time
  • The browser will open, and you can configure it as well as find all your favorites, shortcuts of your old browser in 1 click, you will only have to select Brave as the default browser.

How to earn BAT?


Now that you have the browser, you are probably wondering how to earn some proofs. Nothing simpler you just have to go to the Brave settings by clicking on the small triangular logo next to your search bare:




Click on "Reward Settings":




  You just have to check the little slider next to "Brave Rewards" and "Ads":





If you want to gain a maximum of BAT, click on the parameter logo next to the slider, and select "5 ads per hour" and validated:






Brave is truly a revolution in the world of internet browsers. Faster browsing, you get paid, more ads and no data collected, what more could you ask for?

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How to win bitcoin?
How to win bitcoin?

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