How hot do you like it? - Introduction (first part)

How hot do you like it? - Introduction (first part)

For me personally, food cannot be spicy enough. No matter what I eat, chilli always have to be included. Best so much that your eyes water, you sweat and your nose runs. Oh yes, that's great.

I am not a fan of bought vegetables and try to grow as much as possible in the greenhouse or on the balcony. Last year I grew Jalapeno, Cayene Pepper, orange Habanero and yellow Trinidad Scorpion.

This year there should be more than 25 varieties where I have already ordered seeds. My favorites for this year include Aji Panca, Brazillan Starfish and the Carolina Reaper.

In the coming weeks, I will write more about cultivation and later also about the individual varieties on this blog. Most of them are currently growing in mini greenhouses or already on the balcony. I will also examine the growth from balcony to greenhouse.
I generally only use natural fertilizers or pesticides so that the chillies are not contaminated later.

Questions, opinions, suggestions or requests are always welcome. :)

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How to grow the hottest pepper's
How to grow the hottest pepper's

In this blog I like to share anything regarding gardening and my personal experiences

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