Tfuel could be the next lottery ticket, and it can be mined with a laptop...

Tfuel could be the next lottery ticket, and it can be mined with a laptop...

About this time last year i ran across what looked like a pretty cool video game streaming platform called I found a couple streamers i enjoyed watching and i was hooked. What i didn't know was that Theta was not only a streaming platform but also a decentralized streaming network that rewards both its streamers and it's viewers in a cryptocurrency called Tfuel


I won't get into a ton of technical jargon about how exactly the network works but i will relay the gist of the project. Being a decentralized streaming network, pays it's users in Tfuel for sharing their bandwidth with other users. While watching the stream, Theta uses your excess upload bandwidth to share the stream with other viewers. So instead of using your CPU to "mine" it uses your bandwidth instead. Anyone with a decent internet connection can do this from any old computer. Unfortunately, At this point theta does not allow Tfuel earned this way to be sent off the site. Presently, you can donate your TFuel to streamers on, spend it in their shop, or use it to pay for a subscription to your favorite streamer. BUT, there is another way to mine Tfuel in which you can send it directly to your wallet and this is by downloading the Theta Pre-Guardian Node. As of now it is only available to download on windows based computers but they are working in clients for Linux and MacOS as well.

The client grades users on their hardware specifications - RAM, CPU, and internet connection speed and you can earn up to 1 million Tfuel per month depending on these specifications. Basically, the client monitors who is running the PGN and rewards them in Tfuel proportionally to the amount of users they are sharing their bandwidth with. It is extremely easy to install and run and i leave mine running 24/7. 


Now to why i think that Tfuel could be a good investment. First, it's basically free to earn. It uses minimal electricity (just what it takes to power my laptop) and easy to maintain. I basically set it up and let it run and have not had to so anything since. Second, it has some big names backing it. On the advisory council is Steve Chen - co-founder of Youtube and Justin Kan - co-founder of Twitch. It also has partnerships with Samsung VR, CJ Hello, MBN, and Third, it does not have a ton of competition in the space. It's main competitors will be the Lino network and the Dlive app, and Livepeer, a decentralized app built on the ethereum network. 

Tfuel is easy to earn and be stored on the native Theta wallet (which have apps on IOS and Google Play) or can also be transferred to Ledger and Trezor cold wallets. It is listed on Binance, Coinone, and Upbit and can be traded/sold there. In short, i feel like Theta and Tfuel are poised to take off this year as the decentralized streaming services gain a foothold in the industry. It is gaining streamers and growing every day and has a ton of potential upside. 

For more information about Tfuel,, and the Theta network you can find all the information listed on Coin Bureau also posted a really informative video about the token and the network which is linked below :

For a video tutorial on how to set up the PGN and your wallet please see the video below :



In closing, it looks like a very interesting product with a ton of potential and mining its native currency is extremely easy. Users will need a small amount of Tfuel to use as gas money to open their wallet. To request gas money simply fill out the form in the link listed below :

Tfuel request form

Theta Pre-Guardian Node download

Theta Wallet

Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section and i will respond shortly. Thank you for taking the time to read best of luck in your mining endeavors. 


If anyone needs help or gas money to open your Theta wallet or if you have any questions, I can always be reached via my discord server  :

My name there is poopster and we also have free investing and crypto channels for anyone who wants to join. We currently have over 700 members and would love to have you all. Happy mining !

Also, if you are not a member of publish0x i will include my ambassador link here. i appreciate anyone who uses it :




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