Tfuel and Theta could be the next lottery ticket, here's why... UPDATE

Tfuel and Theta could be the next lottery ticket, here's why... UPDATE

So recently there have been a lot of developments with the Theta network and the price has begun to soar. Tfuel, the secondary token that the network mainly uses for gas fees, was lagging Theta token at first but is now starting to catch up. 


On February 12th of this year i published an article right here on Publish0x detailing my thoughts on Tfuel and the Theta network. In that article i detailed exactly how you can download and install the Theta Edge Cacher/Pre Guardian Node and start mining Tfuel with nothing more than any decent laptop/PC and your spare bandwidth. That article is still up and if anyone needs a short tutorial on how to install it and start mining (in less than 5 minutes no less) you can find it here : Theta Edge Cacher/PGN tutorial. In that article i also gave a short rundown of the platform and tons of links to sites where you can find more resources on this amazing project that is gaining a TON of traction lately. Despite one youtuber (who also publishes right here on Publish0x)  basically calling the project and it's tokens a scam, Theta has managed to forge some HUGE partnerships of late and will also be launching Mainnet 2.0 on may 27th ! Just think if Scott had managed to talk you out of investing in this project with his sloppy and irresponsible "research" as he called it. Imagine letting some chump talk you out of making a 4x return on a great project...


Regardless, i will now give a short update on some of the exciting recent developments we have seen with this amazing project. As stated above, mainnet 2.0 will launch in just 3 short days and will usher in a ton of new developments with the project.  A new Guardian Node app for will be released, and Guardian Node staking will be enabled on Theta mainnet on or before June 3. Users can use the new app to set up a Guardian Node and stake THETA tokens to it. Step-by-step instructions on setting up the Guardian Node and staking will be released with the new app. Also new with 2.0 comes Theta’s novel Multi-BFT ConsensusWe will see the community-run Guardian Nodes take a direct role in block production and constituting a second layer of defense after the Validator Nodes. 

Another HUGE development for the Theta network is the introduction of smart contracts. They have already been release in alpha on may 21st on a new Theta testnet created specifically for this purpose : the Theta Smart Contract Sandbox! As many of you may know Theta was previously an ERC-20 token and it's closely modeled after Ethereum. With that said, smart contracts on Theta are fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This means that essentially any Ethereum smart contract can easily be ported over to run on Theta blockchain. Any blockchain developer that works in Solidity can seamlessly switch to coding smart contracts on Theta as well. This was a genius move on Theta's part in that Ethereum is the blockchain platform that has by far the most developers working on it. At the end of this article i will post a link to all of the articles Theta Labs have posted on Medium regarding these recent developments.

Beyond the launch of Mainnet 2.0, Theta has managed to position themselves quite nicely lately with a huge partnership with Samsung. esports streaming content will soon be available in the Samsung Daily platform, pre-installed in every flagship Galaxy S20 phone shipped in the U.S. + Samsung Daily will also be upgraded to all existing Galaxy S10, S9 and Note10, Note9 devices, reaching a total global installed base of more than 75 million devices.

75 MILLION devices... Aside from this they also have another huge deal they have cemented as of May 7th :

It's an exciting day in the growth of the Theta Network ecosystem — the launch of the Android app natively built for smart TVs! For the first time, users around the world can watch a Theta-powered Android TV channel and earn Theta Fuel (TFUEL) tokens directly from their TV.

This means any Sony, Sharp, Philips and many more smart TVs are now powered by Theta Network along with popular Android TV set top boxes including Amazon Fire TV stick, NVIDIA Shield TV, and Roku.

Effectively, The Android app is now available in the Google Play Store and features all the same content as — rising esports streamers, live blockchain conferences, top content from World Poker Tour, and much more. As you can see, as a result Theta token has completely blasted off as of late from lows of less than 4 cents in mid march to recent highs above 32 cents !


If there's anything i have left out or am missing please feel free to correct/inform me in the comments section. If anyone needs help setting up your Edge node or needs some Tfuel for gas money to confirm your wallet feel free to leave a comment and i would be more than happy to help you out. Thanks for reading guys, i appreciate all the support this community has given me.

One final note - and this is purely speculation/rumor - there have been talks of a huge partnership that will be announced soon (maybe this week) with some big names like Netflix and Youtube. Again, that is purely speculation and i have nothing to back that up


If anyone needs help or gas money to open your Theta wallet or if you have any questions, I can always be reached via my discord server  :

My name there is poopster and we also have free investing and crypto channels for anyone who wants to join. We currently have over 700 members and would love to have you all. Happy mining !


Also, if you are not a member of publish0x i will include my ambassador link here. i appreciate anyone who uses it :


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