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Hello my friends


Today I propose a page where you will be able to earn RUBLES in a very simple and fast way


You can earn RUBLES in many ways on this page for example:




Reading emails


Manage advertising emails




Among others


These are other advantages that the page offers us


Up to 550.00 ₽ per advertiser!

Each referral that becomes an advertiser will earn you a profit:


550.00 ₽, if he spends in the promotion of 10000.00 ₽

50.00 ₽, if he spends in the promotion of 500.00 ₽


7% of referral user earnings!

For each job referral, we pay:


7% of the surfing income of the people you invite

2% of user revenue it attractedYour earnings from guest advertisers

You invite as many new customers as possible to IPweb.ru using the referral link. If your referral becomes an advertiser and pays more than 500.00 ₽ of promotion, you will get 50.00 ₽. For the referral who has spent on the promotion more than 10,000.00 ₽, he receives 500.00 ₽. That way, just for the referral, which has paid the promotion of more than 10000.00 ₽, you get 550.00 ₽. The great advantage of the affiliate program is that referrals can go to the site and request services without your effort; you just need to put your referral link in all possible places. Scheme of your earnings for the invitation to advertisers in the form of a table


If your referral is spent you w

500.00 ₽ 50.00 

10000.00 ₽ 550.00 


What is the best way to attract advertiser


There are many ways to attract new customers! Invite those you know personally first. Distribute your link on the Internet and increase the probability of new advertisers who will place an order for the required amount and give you the opportunity to earn more incom


To interest advertisers, it is best to use a link to the promotional site, which we have specifically developed to ensure that your efforts are successfu




What is the advantage of distributing a reflink through a promotional sit


the promotion site provides the visitor with maximum information about the services we offe

the promotional site presents the service as attractive and convenient for perception

пpromotion on the site promotion on the site, but also Vkontakte, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Odnoklassniki and Google+

All this increases the possibility of registration and attracts more users, which will make your income more profitable


The third level of our reward syst

In total, there are 6 referral levels on IPweb, that is, you can earn income from referrals invited by your referrals, your referrals, etc. For level 3 to 6 referrals, you will receive income in credits. Credits can be spent on promoting your site. You will also receive credits for reference levels 1 and 2 (10% and 5% respectively), if you perform tasks with payment in the form of loans


Your earnings as a percentage of referral earnin

Every new user who comes to your referral link and starts using our Earning Service will be your referral. You will always receive a percentage of the money earned by the users you invited by completing the tasks on our site. Your income will be 7% of the earnings of each referral. In addition, you will receive income from those who invite your referrals. Second level referral income 2%


Let's give a simple example: 30 people registered by your reflink. Each of whom earns only 10 rubles a day. For this you get 21 rubles a day as a reward. And this is already 630 rubles every month without any additional effort on your part! And this without taking into account the second level referenc


I think they should register is a very good option to generate a little more income and it is freees.gs.em.;;r;e?11l:e.s?₽₽in:


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How to earn free crypto easy
How to earn free crypto easy

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