Jalapeños, France and me ( Part.2 )

By Ykretz | How not to be interesting | 4 Aug 2020


This is a second part of this post, you can see the first one here.

During the writing of this post I wanted to go to the only supermarket I know that sells Jalapeños to take pictures.

I wanted to buy 4 jars of Jalapeños as I usually do. Unfortunately we can't buy anymore Jalapeños in this supermarket. They already weren't sold anymore before the lockdown.

The only thing I found while facing this terrible disappointment was that little green bottle :


Jalapeño Green Tabasco 

This leads us to a new point that I wanted to brought up :

While I was looking for Jalapeños  I finally found something pretty similar. Some spiciness with a strong enough taste to be felt over the hot sensation.

I was eating a pizza at a friend's place when he took out a Tabasco bottle. I decided to put some on my pizza and oh ! It was really close to what I was looking for ! The taste and the spiciness !


The red Tabasco sauce, the most common one


Now that I'm used to buy 60mL Tabasco bottles, I sometimes finish them really quick, like in a week or two. Once the bottle is empty I always forget to buy one again. And I always realize it when I'm home after being at the supermarket.

So, I tried to buy bigger. That way I can benefit of Tabasco longer before the moment when I always forget to buy it again.

I figured out there is at least 5 different size

- 3,7 mL, they're really tiny. I don't really know where we find that, it's maybe samples or one time use bottles.



- 60mL. The most common bottles. Sold around 2€50 each.

- 150 mL. Bigger, we can find it in some restaurants. That ones are already mostly impossible to find in France.

- 350 mL.

- 1 Gallon, around 3,8L.

The bigger problem if you want bigger bottles than 60mL if France, you Have to order it online. The 150mL is buyable in some stores for restaurateurs like METRO.




BUT, for that you need to be restaurateur. I am a student in video editing so I'll probably never be able to buy there. You can always order it from another country, on specialised website so you'll pay more.

For exemple, a 60mL bottle I saw today was 2€53. It makes around 42€ per liter. On a website for a 350mL bottle it was 21€ so it makes around 60€ per liter. There is a 18€ gap between the two. Usually the bigger you take and the cheaper you pay per liter. If we watch the Scoville scale, which classifies the strength of Pepper's spiciness, The red Tabasco and the Jalapeño pepper are right next to each other : 




That common point is probably the reason why the Jalapeño pepper is my favourite one and Tabasco is my favourite hot sauce.

I think you can guess how happy I was when I saw the Jalapeños Tabasco green Hot sauce ! Unfortunately the life isn't always that simple.

The mix between the pepper and the sauce made huge losses as well in the taste as in the spiciness.



Here on the scale this sauce is placed way lower. It is between 3,123 and 8,3 times less sting than classic Tabasco. It is the same for the taste.

This is a sort of bad mix allying only the worst parts of the say the hot sauce and the pepper. The result is, according to me, really great but at light-years from the red Tabasco or Jalapeños.

This liquid's viscosity forced the manufacturers to make a bigger bottle opening, encouraging us to put a LOT of it on our meals and this is a good idea because if you want to feel the taste of the spiciness you'll need to shake the bottle during 10 seconds, you need to have a sauce puddle in your plate.

With a normal sized bottle it takes only 3-4 days to finish it.

The post isn't finished yet, the third and last part of it will come in some time. I hope you liked it.

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