How Financially Secured Are You?

I remembered when we had a road trip at Beau Vallon area (beach side here is mostly a tourist destination), hubby and I needed to stop for a while just breathing fresh air, looking how clean and green the environment, much more reflecting how lucky we were for having a moment on a Sunday afternoon. Now as we have Sage with us, we do have our Sunday road trip on the other side especially at Chez Batista, Baie Lazare area. 


Likewise as we were checking around the place, a friend happened to pass by and hubby chit chat for a while. As they're talking in French Creole, I felt like, a bit "stuck" for a moment. My French communication skill still very poor due to my lack of time studying the language. Greeting per se was okay but when it came to conversation, I could not really get along well so I opted to take a look around and right there and then, being in a situation where you get "stuck" was very challenging indeed. 

Upon discernment, somehow in the area of our "finances" we were also "stuck in the moment." The most common financial mishap that every one was mostly involved due to lack of Financial Education was stuck of having debt because they don't have enough, stuck in a rat race to pay bills. Regardless of their salary, still at the end of the day, what they earned was only to make amends. Financial security entails not mainly having money per se but it's really about having wealth abundance and wealth management is one vital aspect of our finances that we to prioritize. The goal of my post is to spread awareness how crucial investment planning to achieve long term financial goal.

Take note, it's not how much you earned, but on how much you invest and not merely saved!



One classic example, is a friend of mine earning a very good amount of money every month yet she doesn't know where to put her salary in a proper vehicle that would giver her compounding interest for long term growth. She told me one day, still she felt like being stuck to her work because she needed to pay her debts.  I was really amazed because she's earning well yet it all boiled down to not having financial education had brought my friend on a disdainful situation. She spent mostly beyond her means and credit card companies were after her. Thus this is a reminder that it's not about

how much money you earn but it's about on how much money you set aside for your investments, not just saving!


This video on how to fix your cash flow problem might be your guide. Try to reflect. Likewise I have questions for you, do you ever set aside an amount money for your long term goal? How much was it and how faithful are you with it?

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d0e519f452eb2013aadb9a74db9d73d804d05039d50f585baa4642ce0ec3ccc6.jpgApart from cryptocurrency, I diversified my fiat portfolio into equities, mutual funds, bonds, insurances and  Col Financial is a reputable online broker in my country. Happy to have received my cash dividend from Metro Bank. I don't put my money in the bank by the way, instead I bought shares so when they earned, I also earned.

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How Much Time Have You Wasted?
How Much Time Have You Wasted?

Time is our valuable asset! It is certain that once we have waited for tomorrow of what we can do for today, we have wasted already a lot of opportunities. "Time is money" according to Benjamin Franklin which he referred to the output cost which means that we have let the opportunity to pass because we preferred to delay things. Given our life's realities, I have seen many people even during the pandemic who have wasted their time. I just can't imagine how they preferred to laze around online.

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