Do You Have Healthy Relationship with Money?

Do You Have Healthy Relationship with Money?

There are so many things in life where we have different thoughts about money. It allows us to bring an impact to the world. It gives more opportunity of Financial FREEDOM wherein going into the rat race of working overseas may not be an option for so many overseas workers, however, despite the idea of earning and having money, it would still boil down to not having enough and they are experiencing scarcity.

Let me tell you that some of my colleagues here in Seychelles thought that money is so hard to keep yet so easy to spend. When payday comes, you would see how they have new fashion, new gadgets, and many other things. They love to squander!

I have seen this many times in my life working abroad and I could only sigh for them. I could not contain to hear their stories of not having enough at the end of the month however when I asked, if they ever had 5% of their salary set aside for investment, they would tell me often, they don't have enough.


  • Mindset and Money Making Machine!


How's your wallet when payday comes? Are you able to set aside for savings? How do you manage your finances?

I was listening to one of the top-notch Financial Experts in my country through our webinar session and one question raised by a call-center agent who was earning around 25000 php monthly asked how could he start saving when his salary was just enough for his expenses?

Sir Rex Mendoza simplified his explanation by saying, it's not how much you earn but on how much you set aside for your investment. He's the CEO of Rampver Financials and shared that even their drivers managed to invest even when they only have 1000 to set aside every month.

They also had security guards who can set aside 1500 for their investment wherein if you would compare the salary of the two workers compared to that of the call center agent, obviously the latter earned more than they did however the one who earned more doesn't have any investment at all.

You know what was very clear on the scenario,...

***MINDSET when it comes to money and how we have the HABIT of paying ourselves first must be our priority.

If you're familiar on the Latte Factor of Tony Robbins? that call-center agent needed to overhaul his mindset when it comes to his relationship with money.

I was once part of the Human Resource Personnel in one of the call center companies in Davao and we always provide "free coffee" to all employees yet most of them do not like the 3n1 rather "Starbucks" was always the trend.


  • Practice Delayed Gratification


I set my priorities when it comes to my finances. I have read books on Personal Finance/ Financial planning, attended webinars, looked for my mentors and believed me it has a great impact to how I see my salary and my other income streams either offline or online.

One of the most common advise they would always shared with us is to practice delayed gratification. Technically it shaped my mentality into prioritizing from the least to the most important things.

I followed a simple formula of my financial success which is 10-30-70.

10% to my tithes, 30% to my investments and 70% to my lifestyle ( although this part I cheated as I set aside 20% for emergency fund).

I was asked by Ms. Salve Duplito when she came here in Seychelles during our passport renewal when we had a financial check up whether I could live for 30000 php a month and I told her I could even live with 20000 or even half of the amount. On top of it all, I don't have Debts to pay after all.

Through this formula I managed to enjoyed the simplicity of life and still it's possible to travel overseas with my family. We discipline ourselves to live the 70% or even less because we set our PRIORITIES first!


  • What's the Rationale?



Your relationship with money has a lot to do on how you see it as a medium of communication to your priorities, how it can convey for your advantage. The more you understand how money is just a mind game and you establish a good rapport with it, the more you can succeed.

Money is abundant. It is everywhere especially here in the crypto sphere. Make most of it by starting to make it as your ally. The more you realize how money allows you make a difference in the world, the greater your ability to make more of it.

INVEST it for your advantage and PAY YOURSELF FIRST!



  1. Do you have a long or short term goal?

  2. What are your strategies in order to succeed with your goal in terms of finances?

  3. Is it important to have a retirement plan? What about emergency? Is it necessary?

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