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By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 6 Aug 2021

My Inner Voices

I am sure there aren’t many who wouldn’t know about the chatter in their head. It is non-stop for some. But here is a surprise, many do not even know that chatter is going on in their head. And I am not kidding. This is so because they assume that that chatter is their thought process. But how do I know? Because I was a victim of this chatter for a long time. It had been on for more than twenty years of my life, and therefore know what I am talking about.

The problem with the inner voice when it makes us believe that it is our own is when the most damage is done. When you can’t stop the chatter, you can’t pay attention. And if you can’t pay attention, then you are losing opportunities standing right in front of your eyes. So, what happens then? You remain mediocre in your endeavors and, worst still, a victim of your chatter.

My first breakthrough came when I was made to realize that ***I am not the voices in my head.*** Read that again and try to understand it. I am not the voice in my head. For a moment, you could be thrown off with that sentence, but then the same voice comes back to you asking, then whose voice is that? That question makes you belittle the realization. But stay with me. If this is your voice, then take a moment to think why you would want to talk to yourself so much. Aren’t you with you?

There is a larger question, though – what is this inner voice then? Good question. Let’s explore together.


Who Or What Are the Voices? | Or Are They Vices?

Now, how do you know that the voice is not yours? Simple, catch yourself when you are on with your chatter and see what happens. Your chatter immediately stops. Why? Because you have caught the impostor. But then this impostor won’t give up easily. Right under your watch, the chatter will start again.

But something tells me that you are not convinced. Let’s do the second test – once again, catch yourself when the chatter is on and write down the last thought you had or the last chatter. This was life-changing for me because of what happened next. When I wrote down the last chatter, I had to ask few questions. These questions were:

1. Why do I think so?

2. Where did such a thing happen to me? Or where did I hear it first?

In my case, the last chatter was something like - “I can never do it because I always give up.” This is a chatter I caught at my first job. Then I followed up with the questions:

**1.** Why do I think that I always give up?

**Ans:** Because isn’t that what I always do? (Realize that this is not an answer. This is a trick on your mind because the answer is also a question. Do you see that? We will touch upon this in a moment.) Then I went to the next question.

**2.** Where did I last give up? Or where did I first hear that I always give up?

**Ans:** Now, this set my mind racing, and I went back to a specific event where my dad chided me for not continuing with karate in school. He thought that I gave up too easily. Now, understand that my father’s intentions were good, and all that he wanted was his son living his life to the fullest. That’s all. But then the inner voice took that as a statement on me for life. How wrong was it???!!!

Now tell me, was that my voice? The chatter? No, it was my father’s opinion (though with a good intention), and the voice made it statement on me for life. Imagine how much such useless chatter we are carrying forever. Isn’t it time we gave them up?

Yes, but you have a question. And that question is – Oivas, isn’t conscience or God also an inner voice? Are you saying that God’s voice is wrong?

Ahh, you smarty pants! 😊 Let’s look at that too.


The Voice of Inspiration | The Voice of Liberation!

Now, most of our mama’s would have taught us that God, angel, or conscience is also an inner voice that speaks to us. If that is so, how do I differentiate between the divine and ungodly?

Here’s how:

Differentiator 1:

God’s voice or conscience is never a chatter. It comes (like an inspiration) and usually dwells in our minds. It is up to us what to do with it.

Chatter, on the other hand, will take up even this Godly inspiration and will tell us why we can’t achieve it or do it. And it will go on non-stop - blah, blah, blah..:)

Have you experienced something similar before? I bet you have.

Differentiator 2:

God’s voice is usually felt. I mean, there is an emotion attached to it and mostly positive emotion. I say mostly because when you are doing something wrong, even then, there is the voice of your conscience asking you to turn back. But at that time, we are in fear, guilt, and a feeling of shame. Are you with me on this?

The chatter, on the other hand, also evokes emotion but mostly negative. Imagine me being told that I always give up. What do you think my emotions were? It was one of sadness, despair, anger, resentment (I give up, while others don't), and hatred. But all these feelings for whom? No one but me. See the problem.

Differentiator 3:

God’s voice or the voice of the divine (or universe if you like) is usually uplifting. Many times, it is also a breath of fresh air to raise us from despair.

On the other hand, a chatter will catch you even in the best of your moments to tell you why you don’t deserve the best. It will make you feel smaller and not much more than a doormat.

Does this give you an idea? I am sure it does. Give it a shot and check. You will find them to be true. I know because I applied them to myself.

But then, whose are these negative voices? The answer is our EGO. It is the ego that keeps you trapped in your past and therefore pressurizes you to create an equally worse future. The ego is a big topic, and we will cover it separately. Understand this - if you heed to the voice of the ego, you will be living a mediocre life. Make it shut up and let it go.


So, Now You Know | Inspiration Or Desperation? | You Choose

The Voice of the divine is calmer, offers peace, and is always uplifting. Knowing it from chatter is very, very easy. We have covered few differences above, and you can use them to check your life as well.

Don’t give in to the chatter, and remember it is not you at all. The easiest way to stop it is to become vigilant and return to the task at hand. Keep doing it often enough, and your mind will automatically learn to ignore the ego. And in doing so, it will learn to ignore the past, your failures, the judgments on you and thereby offer you the peace and calm you always wished for.

And when this peace and calm comes, it will allow you to listen more to the voice of inspiration!! 😊


Remember, the shift from nothingness to awesomeness is quite quick! 😊


**Image Courtesy:** [VSRao]( at Pixabay | [Johnhain]( at Pixabay


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