Tricking Your Mind to Positivity: Part 3

By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 13 Nov 2020

Moulding My Mind?

We saw in the previous two articles the method of using positive questions and allowing the mind to find a suitable answer to the question. The basic premise was that when we ask empowering positive question, the mind finds a way to answer those questions positively.

So, in the first article, we spoke about asking positive questions and allowing the mind to find the answers as we go about our day. You can read the article here:

Tricking Your Mind to Positivity

Also, we saw how using affirmations a while after reading the questions enhanced the reception and retention of the affirmations. You can read the article here:

Tricking Your Mind to Positivity: Part 2

Now, in the third part of the article, we take a look at using questions and Subliminals and how it impacts our mind to look at the environment around us positively.


What Are Subliminals?

Well, Subliminals are affirmations in a recorded form. The only difference is that it is masked with another audio so that it is not heard by the conscious mind but only by the subconscious.

The concept is that if your conscious mind does not hear the affirmations, then chances of them resisting it becomes less. And when resistance to affirmations are less (or nill), then the subconscious readily accepts it and stores it. Over a period of time, the subconscious erases the old unhealthy talks and overwrites with the new and positive affirmations.


So, how do Positive Questions and Subliminals work?

The Subliminals are good enough to work on their own too, but the problems most people face is that they do not know if it is working or not. More than 90% of the subliminal that I had used work for sure but if you are the one that wants to keep tracking the benefits and if you do not see it instantly, you may drop the usage.


Here is where using the Subliminals along with questions work. Now, the asking of question will automatically make the mind seek answers so that it will pick the positive subliminal even more. In such a case, even if you do not hear the subliminal, you will still be content since your mind is focused on the questions. Basically, your conscious and subconscious both start working towards finding a positive answer. How cool is that?

So, that’s the idea of asking questions while listening to subliminal. Also, frame questions matching the subliminal. For example, if you are listening to subliminals on loving yourself, then ask questions like:

1. Why do I feel so much love?
2. Why do I feel love towards all?
3. How am I feeling so loved?
4. Why does it feel like love is all around?
5. Why do I feel this abundance of love which keeps on growing?

Get the idea? So, frame questions matching your subliminal and have fun getting a positive and richer life!

**A word of Caution:**

***Lately, few subliminal makers on YouTube have been called for putting negative affirmations in their video. Such could be counterproductive for you. Unless you are making your own subliminal, use only those that have good reviews on YouTube. Just be careful!***


**Image Courtesy:** Activedia @pixabay


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