Tricking Your Mind to Positivity: Part 2

By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 10 Nov 2020

Moulding My Mind?

We saw in the previous article that asking positive questions led to the mind finding positive answers for us. In other words, once we ask a positive question about ourselves, our mind works overtime to get a positive answer. In doing so, we go through the day in a positive frame of mind.

You can read the previous article here: Tricking Your Mind to Positivity

So, staying constructive is as easy as the questions you ask yourself. These questions work all the time and can be further enhanced by tying it up with affirmations. Affirmations?

Yes, affirmations. We know that just continued recitation of affirmations does not take you anywhere neither do writing them again and again. The key is to feel the affirmation. Many do not realize the last part and continue to read and write the affirmations endlessly without success.

That’s great, but how is it related to positive questions?

Here’s how.


Positive Questions and Affirmations

Now, in the previous post, we saw few positive questions which you can ask yourself. Let me bring them out over here:

1. Why do I feel so much love?
2. Why do I feel so much happiness?
3. Why do I feel so planted and assured?
4. Why do I feel the strong presence of God in my life?

You can even replace “why” with “how”, and the questions will still work. Once you read the question, your mind is already searching for the answers. It will bring out those instances where you did feel love or happiness or were planted and assured or felt God’s presence.


So, here’s where we help the mind with some affirmations. The best part about the mind is that when it is searching for answers, it opens up immediately to inputs. In other words, what you would have achieved by feeling the affirmations, is as good as feeding affirmations to a searching mind. And because you have asked the question and your mind is in search of the answer, the minute you read the affirmations, your mind will absorb it like a sponge.

Makes sense?


How Should I Do This?

So, the action is quite simple. You know the questions you have written down, which you can read every day. Now corresponding to the questions asked, write down affirmations that best answers the question. For example, for the question:

1. Why do I feel so much love?

The affirmations can be:

1. I am love
2. I am worthy of love
3. I am worthy of being loved
4. I am a lovable and friendly being
5. Everyone loves me
6. There is so much love going around

I hope you got the idea. So, bring out affirmations answering your question, and your mind will latch on to it like anything. That’s it.

I do hope readers know how to form your own affirmations. The basic guideline is that the affirmation should be positive and as already happened. For example:

Correct Affirmation: I am love
Wrong Affirmation: I am going to be loved
Correct Affirmation: I am love
Wrong Affirmation: I am not hated

Once you take care of framing the affirmations in the right manner, you would basically become unstoppable in reaching your highest vibration.


What Should be the Frequency of the Activity?

You can do the activity of asking questions and reading out affirmations as long as you want and as many times in a day as you want. But, at least, do it every morning and every night for sure.

For more effect, read the questions first (all together) and give a five minutes break. Once your mind is on the prowl seeking answers, then read the affirmations. So, the questions can be clubbed together, and the corresponding affirmations can be clubbed together. It’s your choice.

If you choose to focus on a few questions and few affirmations first then, you can read a question (single question), wait for five minutes and then read its corresponding affirmation. That should do wonders.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started and try it out!


**Image Courtesy:** Activedia @pixabay


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