Tricking Your Mind to Positivity

By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 9 Nov 2020

Tricking Your Mind?



Understand this that your mind is one of the strongest things in the world and something you would appreciate as the one finding solutions, providing intuitions and many other things. However, this realization sometimes makes you think that you are puppets of your mind or you are on auto-pilot in your life.

That’s where we are wrong. The mind is shaped by how our environment shaped us. So, it would be happy-positive one or sad-negative one depending on the early contributors in your life. But the good part and the most important part is that you are not your mind. Period. You are not even your thoughts. Which means you are a much bigger being living in this physical realm.

That’s good, but how do we put this knowledge into use?


Putting the Knowledge to Use


Now, 90% of the time, or even more, every time something happens to you, you happen to ask questions like:

  1. Why did this happen to me?
  2. Why it was only me who got unlucky?
  3. Why is my life so horrible?

So on and so forth. I hope you are getting what I am referring to. Now, the problem with the mind is that even after you finished asking the question, it will continue to find the answer. So, you could have been in a situation hours ago, but you continue to feel bad hours later because your mind is finding the answer to suit the question you asked. Mind you, it is finding the answer to "SUIT" your question.

Which means, in response to your second question, it will find answers like – because you are bad, you are useless, you don’t know how to do your job, etc. These highly disempowering thoughts add to the already horrible thoughts that we were having. So, we continue to wallow in unhappiness.

But all is not lost. We can use this power of the mind to our advantage. After all, we are bigger than the mind and can cause it to work for our cause. But how?


Training the Mind to Find Positive Answers



That’s it. That’s the secret. All you have to do is ask positive questions and leave it to the mind to find you positive answers. You don’t have to find the answers, your mind will continue doing it on auto-pilot. You will surprise yourself with the answers that come to you.

So, what are the questions? Here are some sample ones:

  1. Why do I feel so much love?
  2. Why do I feel so much happiness?
  3. Why do I feel so planted and assured?
  4. Why do I feel the strong presence of God in my life?

Your work every morning is to ask these question (without trying to get to an answer and move on. The mind will take the questions and start processing it. It will check with the subconscious for possible situations where you were loved and give you those as answers. And you will have an amazing day.

You can do the same exercise before going to sleep as well. Besides, since you are only asking questions, you can do it literally anytime of the day, more so, when you are faced with difficult situations. But the assurance is that more and more you use the method, you will end up in situations which are favourable and happy for you.

So, then get going. Form your own questions and read them every day.


Your Mind Your Positive Friend


So, make more questions with positive intent. Remember, you don’t have to sit and find the answer. Just leave it to the mind. In doing so, you will keep your mind occupied in finding positive answers for you, about you, while you are going through your day. How cool is that?

So, get going and have fun with the process!


**Image Courtesy:** Activedia@pixabay


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