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Staying Happy and Having Fun Through the Manifestation Process

By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 30 Jan 2021

So, how have you been?

If you answered happy and joyous, you are part of the blessed minority, but read on if it was otherwise. In this post, I have combined a sense of introspection and learnings from teachers like Esther and Jerry Hicks on the Law of Attraction (LoA). Whether you know about the LoA or not, you cannot disagree with some of the arguments they present. Besides, even if you don’t believe in the LoA keeps bringing you more of what you believe.

But what is the LoA, you ask? Well, it is a principle which states that you attract more of what you feel and believe. If you are happy, then more happiness will find you, but if you are sad, in fear, or angry, more situations to feel those same emotions will present themselves. Irrespective of whether we believe in the LoA or not, it keeps working.

I digressed a bit, but coming back to our feelings part, how have you been? If you were anything but happy, was it worth it? Did things get better? That is for you to answer for yourself. I would recommend staying happy. Let me explain why.

Read on.


Reasons to Stay Happy, Joyous, and in Fun Mode

Now without exception, all of us have some desires and wants. Some of us have it in our hearts, and it remains unspoken; few of us have spoken about it to loved ones, and a minority has made these desires and wants their goal (see the importance of goal making?). The last subset of people is the ones who would end up getting to their desires and wants. It is not because they are better than the other subsets of people, but because they know to stay happy through the journey of achieving their goals.

Let me ask you this - why do we ask for something from God, the universe, or Soul Energy, or any source you think is the true Creator and still not believe? I believe in God so that I will take God as the Source. Even if you believe that God is presenting you with what you had asked, you spend your expecting time in sadness or despair. Why is that? If I were to tell you that the more you are in despair, the more it delays the process of achieving what you had asked for, what would you do? Would you attempt to change your feelings? Yes, you will.


But why am I so sure that being unhappy means elongating the time to achieve my goals? Because it means that you don’t believe that you will get what you had asked for. And you remember the LoA I spoke of? It will ensure that you are presented with situations that prove further that you can’t achieve what you asked for. And that’s it. You will let go of that intention believing that it is not possible to achieve.

Is that your experience?


But How Do People Manifest Their Asking?

By believing that it is already here.

At least that’s what most of the Holy books say. Check for yourself. But let’s make it easier to understand. Why do you need to be happy? And why is that proof that you believe you will receive what you had asked for?

Let’s take an example. You are on a trip to your favorite destination with your family. It is a four-hour drive from your place. Now, how is your mood through the drive? Are you not happy and excited to reach the place? Are you not already thinking of things you would be doing? Are you not happy? Why? Because you already believe that you will reach the place; in fact, you have already reached the place in your mind, which is why you plan and think of things you would do there. Isn’t that true? The same applies to your desires.

You do not keep checking your watch and feel anxiety, anger, and frustration that you have not reached yet. You do not give up mid-way, saying we have been driving for three hours and not reached yet, so let’s turn back. You don't think that the destination won’t come. Correct? That’s the same thing with our desires that we erroneously interpret. We give up mid-way, assuming that the destination (or our desire) won’t arrive. And how is your mood in such circumstances? One of remorse, despair, anger, frustration, and every other negative emotion. In short, it is all the feelings other than happiness.

You see my point now?


Stay Put On Happiness and Fun

So, keep staying positive and happy. Start having fun thinking about the things you would do once your desire has arrived. That would make you feel that you have already achieved your desire, and that’s exactly the feeling that you need to have. The LoA will respond and get you your desire.

That’s it. Stay happy, have fun and witness your desires coming to fruition faster than you think. Enjoy the manifestation process!



**Image Courtesy:** and OpenClipart-Vectors at Pixabay


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