Is It Time That Heals? | Or Is It Love?

By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 7 May 2021

Time The Healer

Nobody can tell us for sure who came up with the phrase “time heals”. At face value, it makes sense, but on a closer look, we know that it is not time at all. True, that healing happens, and it happens in time, but it is not the healer. Time is just the measurement yardstick. How could we have been so naïve to have believed that time heals?

This is the classic human nature of remaining superfluous in our assessment. I may sound a bit harsh on “time,” which is comical because time is not going to be hurt. So, I guess we can breathe easy on that. 😊 However, my point is about our acceptance of something neither tested nor substantiated by good experimentation. It is only and only accepted. How can that be right?

The problem with the time heals mentality, at times, is that we allow time to take over and do nothing ourselves. Please test it out yourselves. If we are hurt (critically), do we say, oh, time heals so I will be fine or rush to the closest hospital? And once there, it is the care of the people working at the place which starts the healing process. But even before that, it was your action to reach the hospital (or someone who helped you) that mattered.

Would time be able to heal? Let’s take a mellowed-down example. You got scratched, and much like most, you don’t care about the scratch. You allow it to heal on its own. And most often than not, it will heal. So, who healed it? Your body and your mindset (that all will be fine) that did it. It was all those red blood corpuscles that reached the scratched spot and clotted so that you don’t bleed to death. But what do we say? Time heals.

Time just measures the passage of the healing process. It does not heal.


Time | The Science Behind It

Eminent scientists have had a lot of perspective on time and how it works. The most recent and famous one being Stephen Hawking. Scientists in various forms and methods have reasons to believe that the time-space dimension is an illusion. It does not exist. Just in case you don’t know, the time-space dimension is where humans are right now. So, all this world, the universe as we know from this dimension, and all things around us are just an illusion, much like the Matrix movie. Anyway, let’s keep this discussion for later and focus on the time and space part.

If the time and space dimension is an illusion, then so are time and space themselves. Correct? If that is so, how is something that is illusionary healing you? Not only that, Einstein has proved that time is relative. This means you can heal faster or slower based on what you are going through. If you have the love and care that you require for healing, you will heal faster. Without it, too, you will heal because love is in you too. You may take longer but heal you will. Obviously, time is not the healer here, and if it is, it seems to be partial to some and not the others. Wouldn’t you agree?

So, let’s understand clearly that time is not a healer, but something more powerful is. We will get on to that in a moment. We end up damaging relationships because we hope that time would heal stuff. Isn’t this ‘time will heal’ paradigm the reason for so many lives falling apart? Isn’t that the reason for relationships growing distant? We don’t want to do anything and hope that time, an illusion, will heal things for us. Sad stated if you ask me.

Love | The True Healer

Now the irony of the situation is that because we can’t see love, we assume it to be an illusionary force, while despite not being able to see time, we consider it is a powerful force. There is enough and more thesis on time which tells you that time once gone can’t come back. But why do you want time to come back? Don’t you know love endures forever? So, if you put your faith in love, then even if you went wrong, you can believe that there is a chance to make up things. And that spirit is what heals. Love heals.

Scientists predict that there could be other dimensions where time may not be a factor at all. The only dimension where it matters, which is this one, we have realized that it is an illusion. The only thing about time that is true is “now”. Time is true only now. There is no past and no future. Only now is what matters. I hope you get why our forefathers have said - what you intend to do, do it now. See the wisdom?

Anyway, coming back to love, love is the force that transcends dimensions. Love can heal even those that are beyond repair. How many of us have heard stories of patients who are near death or those that the doctors have given up hope on, coming back strong? I am sure you all would have heard at least one such story. And there would be many who would have seen this in their own lives. Tell me this – did time heal them? If your doctors were to be believed, then they had already written off the patient’s time, right? They had given up, after all. Then how could time have healed?

It wasn’t time but your prayers, your love, and the love of all those that hoped for you to be fine again. It transcends the physical body of the person and heals him/her. That’s how they come back. Science hasn’t got into studying love as much as it got into studying time. I am sure the insights we would have got from studying love would have been way more than the benefits we received from studying time.

That said, in the recent past, scientists have indeed made efforts to study love, and there are enough studies that show that love heals, that meditation opens up parts of the brain that are normally inactive, and that love is a force and not just an idea. As usual, though, the scientific community looks at these studies with contempt (for lack of a better word) as it goes against their ideas of how things work. But it won’t be long for us to know that love indeed is the true healer and heals all of us beyond possibilities at times.


Love Heals

To be honest, there is no rocket science behind the science of love. Any child would know that the mother’s love, or parent’s or siblings' love for them keeps them strong and going forward. Everyone knows this, but it is not acceptable for most because the Holy books talk about it.

The idea becomes uncool because religion speaks about it, and hey, I am not religious. It's fashion not to have religion (which I am fine). But why is it fashion to oppose the basic building blocks of our being (love)? So, on the one hand, science is yet to comprehend love, and on the other hand, it gets a bad name because it is linked to religion.

So, the true healer is lost in the discussions around time. It is not the amount of love given to heal a person; rather, it is the time that the person took to heal, irrespective of how he healed. There cannot be anything more superfluous in our life than this.

Either way, let’s take our earlier example, suppose we were injured critically, and you or your family takes you to hospital. Who heals you? The doctor who takes care of bringing you to shape, your family concerned about your health, and their love and prayers. That’s what heals you. Not time. Time just measures.

Because love can transcend dimensions, it can reach us over here in the space-time continuum, which, by the way, is the dimension that science calls an illusion. So, our real selves, probably our souls, are the ones that keep us connected to reality. If you call God that reality or universe or soul energy, that is up to you. But understand that there is a higher being in constant unconditional love with you because of which the healing power reaches you through love. To allow or inhibit this love is up to you. But at least realize that it is something more than "time" that heals.

If you get that or at least subscribe to the logic that time cannot be the ultimate healer, then it is only a matter of time to figure out love. So, jump out of the illusion and embrace love. Much can be achieved that way!


Remember, the shift from nothingness to awesomeness is quite quick! 😊


**Image Courtesy:** Nile at Pixabay | JohnsonMartin at Pixabay | Congerdesign at Pixabay



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