How I earned $10 of free XLM - and how you can too!

Following my post on How I Earned $10 of free EOS, I can now share with you details on how to earn $10 of free XLM.

I recently signed up to Coinbase on the promise of receiving more than 100 dollars-worth of free cryptocurrency. All you need to do is watch a few short videos and answer a series of questions to receive free XLM, EOS and Compound.

To receive the free XLM, I watched five videos and answered five questions, and the good news is, you can earn free crypto too! 

As a reward for completing the quiz I am now able to invite four other people to receive free cyrpto via Coinbase.

I have a referral link that can be used by four people . Anyone wanting to take up this offer is invited to comment below, and I'll paste the link in the comment section.

I've found Coinbase to be safe and reliable, and I've already amassed a stash of multiple cryptocurrencies.

Below is a screenshot of a video from the Coinbase website:




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How I earned $10 of free EOS
How I earned $10 of free EOS

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