Human Vs Human: Are Humans Treating Humans as Humans?

By CryptoGeeks | hotler | 31 Mar 2022

On this earth, there are only two types of people who live side by side and need each other . Men and women , these two types of people what is the difference ? Of course, physically we clearly know that the male sex form is different from the female sex form. We humans , all know that . Is it only the form of sex that is the most basic difference between men and women who are both called humans? As a human, what is your answer? I am also human and I said: “No! " . Because , with the difference in male and female sex forms , humans can produce offspring . Men can not give birth while women can give birth , this is also a difference . Women all over the world, those who gave birth to the tribes, the nations that inhabit and fill this earth. Knowing this , how can we say that men are greater than women. Margareth Teacher, Indira Gandhi and Isabella Peron, are examples of great women who have ruled their country. Sukarno, John.F.Kennedy, Adolf Hitler and Mao Tse Tung, they were also great men. Their names are in the history books of the world. Oh yes ? The question is not who they are , because they are human like me and you , even though we are of different ethnicity or nation , but we men and women are human beings who need love , need wealth , blah blah blah . So what ? The question is: Have the people whose names are there, have treated humans as humans when they were in power?

War between tribes and between nations , is human versus human . On what basis do humans fight against their fellow human beings? Of course, many things are the cause . Difference ? Blah blah blah.

Women as humans give birth to Kings, give birth to Presidents, give birth to Ministers and others, and others. Biologically , is there a man as a human being who can give birth to a Queen ? Stupid question that I shouldn't have asked, because men as human beings are only capable of ruling over women. Even then , men have to see who the woman is .

Men and women as human beings, must accept differences. Without differences, humans will not know love . Love and love exist because of differences. How do we humans know this flower is grass if there is no difference? Differences , things that humans do not need to argue with . When we humans distinguish differences to be different, have we treated humans as humans? Can we humans kill humans in the name of humanity? What answer do we give , if we humans do not want to accept differences .

There is me, there is you. I am a man, you are a man. As humans, are we different? Yes, we are different even though we are both men. Humans can unite because of differences , but it can also war because of differences . We will not understand the meaning of difference , if we reject differences without honest thoughts and common sense. Everything must be different . Nothing is no different , whatever it is that we have . By my father and mother I exist as a human , is because of differences . Men making love to each other and women making love to each other , are they human beings who have the same sex also different ? Yes , they are different from one another . In differences, are there similarities that can unite? Let us think with common sense , how high our intellect to equate differences so as not to be different . We humans , if we do not humanize humans as humans , we are human beings who are blind to differences . We can not lie to differences , because the most basic difference among human beings on this earth is the " nature of individuality and quality " of humans themselves .

Like fingerprints, it's definitely different.

Do you agree?

Thank you.



Rudolf Hotler Sirait

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