Hord Together: The Power of Community

By Melusine | Hord App | 3 Jun 2021

by Bart Rovers


At Hord we strongly believe in the power of community. Together we stand; we find our strength in numbers. It’s actually in our name.

The name Hord is a play on the English word herd, drawing inspiration from the historic barbarian hordes that used to fight the Roman empire in semi-organized groups and ultimately became the cause of its demise. The barbarian that is our logo is an ode to these decentralized groups, banning together autonomously and ultimately overpowering the large centralized structure that was the Roman empire.

Strength in numbers

Metcalfe’s law tells us that the value or utility of a network is proportional to the number of users of the network. So in order for any network to reach peak utility, adoption is key. We love every single one of our early adopters, and we are proud of our Champion roster and community so far. But we have only begun to scratch the surface. In order to make Hord the success it was meant to be we need to bring in numbers. This is where you come in.


We want you

To prove to you that our community is the absolute best tool we’ve got at our disposal to grow Hord, we’ll show you an example of the network effect we have. It all started on May 11th with this tweet:


When @DaCryptoMonkey tweeted out to his 500k+ followers that he was searching for some low cap gems, one of our community members responded. He wanted to put Hord on the radar of this Twitter KOL:


He then took to Hord Community on Telegram to start a social mission: to show Crypto Monkey the power of Hord:


And it worked! By having 22 people from our community like Trey’s post, it put Hord on the potential Champion’s radar and made him check out the project and fall in love:


Going off of this tweet from May 11th we were able to slide into Crypto Monkey’s DMs and onboard him as Champion on the Hord platform. Not much later we announced him as Champion. And to great success: his NFT was one of the first to sell out on


And this is just the beginning. We are showing one simple example where only 22 people participated. We are a community of over 10,000 people! When we band together as a Hord the sky's the limit.

Social Missions

This article is an open invitation to more community initiatives. We have proven the effectiveness of this approach and want to further incentivize such participation from the community. We are open to ideas and have HORD to give away for successful initiatives. In order to formalize this process we are introducing social missions. When a certain threshold is achieved, 100 likes on a tweet for example, we will do a lucky draw with HORD tokens as a reward.

Stay active on Telegram and let us know who you’d like to target. If we reach some consensus between community members we’ll make it a social mission!

Keep up with Hord

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