The Life of a (New) Crypto Influencer

The Life of a (New) Crypto Influencer

By Hooked2TheChain | hooked2thechain | 2 Dec 2020


For the past six months, I've been making YouTube videos for Altcoin Buzz which averaged almost 10,000 views a video. This week I decided to start my own channel making exactly the same types of videos and my first two videos together currently have 9 views.

While working for Altcoin Buzz, I learned and improved a lot in terms of my ability to make engaging and insightful videos. It was a comfortable lifestyle for the most part - producing content about something I was passionate about and getting paid for it. 

However, it reached a point where I realized that I could just as well do this job all on my own and build up my own base of subscribers. But that doesn't mean it will be easy. I'll have to make many many videos without any pay and even when I do start earning, it will be again a long time until that money can cover my living costs.

It's simultaneously terrifying, overwhelming and deeply exciting to know that I have this huge boulder to push. At some point the hill will get less steep and things will get easier but I don't know when that will be. There is also always the possibility that the boulder will fall down if I stop pushing, creating consistent pressure.

Still, things don't get done by talking about them. They get done by getting things done. So, I'm off to make another video.

Until then, feel free to view my intro video below and my first Bitcoin analysis video further below. I'll be posting them here on Publish0x too as I love the idea of this platform.

Welcome to my Channel!


Will Bitcoin Break 20k?! WARNING!!!


I'd love to hear your stories about the early days of producing crypto content for your own blog/channel and what you learned from it. Let me know down in the comments below!


I spend all day researching, writing about and trading cryptoassets because they give the power back to the people


The idea of a bordlerless, trustless, immutable & decentralized form of value transfer transmuting into reality is the main reason I get up every morning.

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