By Honeychum | honeychum | 24 Apr 2019

Who am I? One blood spitting dead body! I am a girl, a girl!



I was born in Delhi. When I was born, I looked like an angle. An angel without wings, a beautiful doll as my mother told me. My arms were always spread and hands open not clutched like other children and I gave an impression as if I was trying to fly. I barely cried and she said that I was the perfect gift from God.




When I grew up a little I remember being called along with other girls of the neighbourhood to different houses. All girls would dress up nice on this day. All the boys in the neighbourhood and their Dad's too would wash our feet and would treat us like Goddess.



I started going to school and teachers loved me. I was very intelligent. I always topped exams and was I a brilliant dancer. I was a good swimmer too and won the Inter School Championship, twice.



I was my dad's princess. When I was a kid, he would just lift me into his arms and made me fly by throwing me high in the air but I never got scared, I knew my dad was there to catch me. I was the beat of the family. My Dad always treated me as a friend. I remember once I told him that I want to try a cigarette. He bought two cigarettes and he tried it for the first time in his life and I remember how bad we both coughed after smoking. We both decided that none of us will try it ever again.



I grew up young and beautiful. I felt weird when I had my first periods. It felt very painful and depressive. My mother told me about the precautions and told me that it is a sign of me growing up. I don't know why but I was happy when I saw a little swell on my chest. I liked it. I always wanted them on my body. I liked the way it added beauty to the women around.


I opened up my eyes and smiled. Today was the first day of my Job in Gurgaon and my first day was wonderful. My team leader told me that I have a lot of potentials and have a bright future. I ordered a cake while leaving for home. I was proud today. I took my first independent step in my life. It felt like that it is today that I have opened my wings to fly. To scale the heights of the sky.


Excuse me! you missed the turn. He did not listen to me. Excuse me you missed the turn! I repeated and this time in a little panic. He is not listening. Let me call mom.



Aahhhhh!! It felt like someone has sliced me through my legs. My breasts were scratched and bitten. I was lying naked My lips were bleeding and my whole body had wounds. My Body was spitting blood. It felt as if someone had cut my wings.



Flashes of Durga Pooja is dancing in front of my eyes. The whole neighbourhood is gathered and washing my feet.I am laid naked while the light is fading around and my body spitting blood.




I am a freelance blogger. A crypto enthusiast, story writer and a Political critic.


Crypto Enthusiast and a Political Critic

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