TradingView Financial platform and Application review

By Emad | honarparvar | 6 Aug 2019

TradingView is a financial platform for traders interested in stocks, forex (currency pairs), cryptos and commodities. It has also some social media/network facilities which let their clients share sentiments, trading ideas and hone trading skills to make consistent profits.

Many traders underestimate the importance of a great charting software or even worse, they deny the chart job and stick to fundamentals solely. I'm not going to argue the effectiveness or mystic role of CHART patterns and behavior etc, but I want you to take a look at some platforms like tradingview and see how it can help you trading better, even if you deny all the chart things.

TradingView tries its best to provide traders with an easy to understand platform that enables you to trade at your best. TradingView is one of the early birds in browser-based charting platforms. It is not only about charting experiences, there are more.

The Charts


The chart part is the main tool in TradingView, which we can say it's their core competency. There are many default and custom indicators and trading signals on this platform, helping you understand what exactly is going on in a market.

My fav are exponential and simple Moving Averages and Fibonacci tools. RSI, MACD and many more from both lagging and leading indicators are there to use and study. In the premium versions you can enjoy more indicators on a single view of the charts, which may also be tricky cause can make you feel sophisticated and puzzled!

If you are not a fan of Technical analysis, the least this part can provide you is the trends and support/resistance levels which are undeniable.



No need to say, as a trader you always have a set of markets which you need to have a glance look at them. So this tool is a vital part of any financial platform you choose to have. There are mobile widgets and filtering facilities in the App so you can customize the accessibility and viewing experience on your device.

Social Network


As a social network, TradingView enables you to interact with others posting your thoughts and understandings (I insist on not saying analysis, to avoid the argument of technical analysis effectiveness again!) and read others'. such engagement is obviously productive if you are a mature trader and a learner. 

A mature trader in my opinion is someone who can learn from others without getting obsessed of strongly or frequently influenced by their opinions. Again, it's a tricky thing, nobody says clearly that they have made wrong decisions because of others, but practically there are many people get caught in such situations.


So people can post ideas on any pair or commodity or market and read about them from others. there are ways to engage with others too, likes, comments, following them etc. and there is a reputation meter based on these likes etc which honestly I don't see any point in that. I have realized more bullish ideas you post, more reputation you obtain and that's meaningless :)



Alerts are a great tool for you not to miss a react instantly to market events. Whether you are a swing trader or if you are a longterm investor, alerts can save you time and bring you more market awareness. There filters in the Alerts Log section which can make your experience more effective based on your trading strategy.

This review is not a commercial or advertising post and it is not meant to be accurate or 100% right. It is just what I think is important for others to know about this platform and based on my own limited experience with TradingView application and website.

I have posted this on my steemit account too.

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