How to create GREAT Content?

By Emad | honarparvar | 12 Aug 2019

I'm no professor at university or master of anything! But:

  1. I have been in marketing business for two decades and mostly in online marketing
  2. I've been always a writing addict and social media geek

and these are things I learnt over these years:

FIRST - Read more, watch more
more you read and watch, more you learn, more you achieve analysis power and more you can generate.

SECOND - Be a storyteller
don't miss any single chance to tell others a story; turn any community you are attending in to a brain storming think tank

THIRD - Social Networking
where you can find out what is being asked and discussed by people, better than social networks? answering the right problems is your job.

FOUR - writing skills
well, you have to be genuine, simple straight forward, engage-able etc to have the right impact on others

here is a video by Anna Magnuson, on "The Best Content Production Model"; I recommend you to watch:

Online Content Production platforms

There are many of them, steemit, medium, Publish, reddit, blogger, LiveJournal etc. some are old school, orthodox and some are cutting edge tech and very innovative. let's talk about steemit now, a blockchain based incentive and monetize-able platform.

Steemit is great in idea. it's thousand time said words... I am a content lover; I love to learn and to share.

many people are like me, expressing themselves everyday, surf the web for videos and text contents to learn more and contribute to many social medias. For us, Steemit is like a heaven! you will be paid for what exactly you love to do!

Content production, as the process of developing and creating informative assets (visual or written), such as videos, eBooks, blog posts, whitepapers, or info-graphics, is a broad sense term. And Steemit includes all the bandwidth.

But is this well-thought platform, in a right direction to fulfill the needs of all members, the content providers and the explorers?

I think there are efforts missing here.
I write 3 blogs on blogspot; on travel and tourism, economy and the last one a private blog for daily notes. the one on tourism, has over 10k views on each post. since I started writing on steemit, I stopped that blog and wrote here. same subject, same quality of content, but hardly getting 10 hits per post!


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