So, Dogecoin huh?

By Homega1.00 | Homin's Cryptoverse | 16 Apr 2021

So, not long ago, our crazy real life Tony Stark, guess who he is, made a meme, more than a meme. The cute dog meme we all love so much became more than just a meme. Elon Musk made it more, he made it a crypto currency. And unlike the other cryptos, this specific one, the Dogecoin, is rising up and fast.


Yes I know, anything can happen, their prices rise and fall yeah, yeah but dude, this thing will move higher I just know it, so gather your other altcoins and plan on buying some more Dogecoin because just last week, Doge was at 0.0623 USD but now, it has risen up around like 88% to 0.255802. Look at this and tell me you don't want more Dogecoin.
Yes, this crypto journey is very rough but come on, let's give Doge a chance and see how far he goes. Who's with me?

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