The greatest threat to the world

Waste not want not. This has been a old saying. Plastic has been around less than 100 years, and it is sufficating the world. This though is not the problem. The real problem is potential. That is humanity at its worst. As humans the potential of plastic was wasted on our species. Foam cups were a one time use. Plastic can be used for weeks if taken care of. Potential! Geniuses like wiki leaks. Prosecuted for revealing there potential. Anyone using potential, seems to have a permanent seats in a category of outsider. Thats a polite, considering that many great figures, martyrs, kings, queens, economic systems and even the average Joe. Fall to the masses all because the greater numbers dictate the potential of others and things as well as places. Who is right? Either way potential isnt always embraced, moreoften like a xenophobic mob clinging to our beliefs we ridicule, snicker, and damn others for telling us something. So what does potential mean to you?

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