death..without the ease of passing.

  • Watching the president address the congress..i only felt pain for the masses..


I saw a man preach tolerance, family, a people combined "standing as one".


Yet my mind drifted to rome and old egypt…


Rome because of taxation without representation..


And egypt because of the context of charecter & dialect used.


Rome would openly gather intel, taxes & loyalty through things like alcohol and tobacco. Rome was built around; we have this much currency and the masses are hoarding this do we get it back and how do we seperate loyalty..?


Egypt was even more indepth..pharoh spoke a toungue only pharohs decendants was transcribed to the whips(guard) differently so that the guard could identify the slaves..the slaves were left ignorant creating there own the guard could transcribe there language and report there findings up the ladder..


When i heard the address to congress this's what i saw boosting revenues, so it could be taxed later.. false hope for (slaves). While the ladder heard there own version of controlling the masses with incentive to keep progress moving..while executives.. were more focused on getting the population of there genes to a number that the masses would be more the victim without technologic advances being the means to control..


It was quite sad to see rhetoric and tradition still be defined by other nations' history.. it was sad to see a person say we are the most unique concept.. yet know the culture just leans on others an infent succling..that the past will dictate us...that the premises under as basturdized as the statement dont judge the sins of a child on the parents mistakes…


I just saw the concept of freedom die at 35…

I knew it was dead at 17..i just didnt want to believe it...

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