Ripple - XRP - What you need to know about it?

By TokenOnFire | holdthatcrypto | 27 Apr 2021

What is XRP?

It is one of the leading cryptocurrency around. When you try to wire money to someone in a foreign country, it often takes several days. RippleNet uses a protocol called RTXP to move value around the world. With this protocol there is no need to wait for days and pay huge fees for the transfer of money.

Unlike other Cryptos, Ripple aims to serve banks and other payment providers - allowing them to make faster transactions and lower their transaction costs.

Price and Market dominance:



Please note that this is not financial advice and I am not your financial advisor. One unit of XRP is currently worth around $1.40 and it has a market dominance of 3.08%. Only a month ago, one XRP was around 0.55 - so we already have a gain of above 100% if we had invested during the month of March. According to me, the price of an XRP might double reaching a new high of above $2 by the end of December 2021.

How much do you think one XRP will worth by end of 2021? Leave your answer in the comment section. Cheers :)

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