How to Use Chatex In the Most Efficient Way – PART 3

How to Use Chatex In the Most Efficient Way – PART 3

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 6 Dec 2020

Greetings Publish0x community. Here comes the 3rd part of ‘’How to Use Chatex’’ series. I have 4 in total to publish and all of them will focus one specific part/tool of Chatex Bot. If you have no idea about what Chatex is or why you should experience it, please refer to my previous article about Chatex. If you haven’t read the 1st and 2nd sections yet, read it now.

Money is transferred to the Chatex wallet in the Telegram messenger instantly. No need to pay more to send them faster. Transfer money to friends, check the balance, or withdraw money in the local fiat currency whenever and wherever you want, with no extra expenses.


After you complete the simple registration steps in Chatex Bot, your dashboard includes that 4-pieced handling tool. My topic is ‘’Information’’ part in this article.

Chatex allows cryptocurrency enthusiasts all around the world to access Bitcoin and 9 other different cryptocurrencies directly using the local currency in the shortest possible way. In total, it is possible to purchase 10 different cryptocurrencies using more than 150 different local currencies. Chatex has played an influential role in the modern world in terms of ending dependence on major currencies such as GBP, EUR, USD. Read on to find out the answers to questions such as how to see my referral details, how to check fees, and how to reach video guides about Chatex…


After clicking the ‘’Information’’ button, you will face a page like above. It contains 8 different sections to talk about. Firstly, the Chatex Bot shows you the current version and directs you to the Chatex Group Chat. You can join the community to find some more experienced members, get answers to your questions, and increase your popularity among all participants.

The Chatex Bot is not an unlimited way to trade your cryptocurrencies because of some security issues and KYC/AML procedures. If you want to check the daily limit of withdrawals, maximum trade count, please refer to the Limits part. When you check your current limitations, the smart Chatex Bot shows you the way of increasing the limits. The most efficient way to increase the limit is passing ID verification, of course.

The Chatex Bot has a 2-level tiered referral system to broaden its user count currently. If any user registers via your referral link and completes any kind of Chatex transactions, you will get a direct 60% commission. After that, anyone who joins Chatex world via your referral’s ref link, you will again receive a 40% commission on each transaction completed by 2nd tier referral. This is one of the highest commission rebate rates in the crypto world I have ever seen till now.

The Chatex Bot users have the right to withdraw any kind of assets anywhere when they want. But while completing this withdraw option, the Chatex Bot gets a small withdrawal fee. Before becoming a regular user, you should check the fees! Besides that, you’re able to see the Ad Fees which is the main tool to trade between different Chatex users. Please click the FEES section to see the details.


When you check the transaction fee details, the screen will be like the above.

The Chatex Bot is not only a place where someone trying to sell his/her assets and the other one trying the buy the dips. The user interface is upgraded via some BADGES to be won. If you’re really fast and prevent your customers to wait, the Chatex Bot gives you a FAST REACTION badge. If you use any kind of trading bot to fasten the process, the Chatex Bot provides you TRADING BOT badge. And if you’re a reliable person to contact via Chatex, the Bot gives you a VERIFIED USER badge to increase your reputation among other traders. But if you have more negative remarks than positive ones, the Chatex Bot punishes you with the UNRELIABLE TRADER badge. Please keep everyone safe to continue trading on Chatex Bot.

I have published 3 different articles to show the best ways while using Chatex. But it’s possible that you can’t understand my words. DON’T PANIC! The clever Chatex Bot has created some tutorials for beginners. It includes FAQ part visible on the website, online Support to communicate, and even some Video Guides to teach everyone how to use Chatex. You can display it in the relevant section as I showed you above.

If you want to taste the Chatex Bot and discover the unseen parts before the last part of series comes, register Chatex Bot now

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