How to Use Chatex In the Most Efficient Way – PART 1

How to Use Chatex In the Most Efficient Way – PART 1

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 14 Nov 2020

Greetings Publish0x community. Today I want to show the 1st section of ‘’How to Use Chatex’’ articles. I have 4 different articles in total to publish and all of them will focus on one specific part/tool of Chatex Bot. If you have no idea about what Chatex is or why you should experience it, please refer to my previous article about Chatex

Chatex is a tool that can accelerate economic growth in developing countries. It allows people to securely store their savings in cryptocurrencies, as well as make instant money transfers within the network. Just imagine what opportunities people will get!



As you can see in the image above, the Chatex Bot has 4 main tools to use. My topic is to explain all 4 different parts in 4 different articles without making unclear anything on your mind. So let’s come to 1st topic, WALLET. As you can imagine, the ‘’wallet’’ part consists of deposit, withdrawal, history, and referral subgroups. But in addition to these simple subgroups, there’s a settings group and one more last thing: Vouchers. The Chatex bot allows its users to create, activate, and use the Vouchers to become a part of the Chatex ecosystem with more than 182,000 active traders.


It’s so easy to create a Voucher, you should select the cryptocurrency and specify the amount of voucher you want to create. After that Chatex will show the links to Vouchers. If an active user clicks that link, he/she can immediately receive it and free to use it. If you’re already a member of Chatex, you can take 1 of 2 Vouchers I created for the Publish0x community (THIS or THIS). If you are not a member of Chatex ecosystem, you should register first and take these small gifts.  

The Chatex Bot supports 10 different cryptocurrencies at the moment of creating this article. BTC, ETH, XRP, and more major crypto assets are listed on Chatex for trading or sending. You should follow the ‘’Wallet – Deposit’’ to deposit on the Chatex Bot. If you want to withdraw your funds or transfer them between other Chatex users, you should follow ‘’Wallet – Send’’ portions. There are 5 options to send your cryptos to another wallet or users. The first technique is the same as other examples, just copy-pasting the wallet address. This one provides you the opportunity to send your funds to non-Chatex user wallets. But if you want to transfer some assets to one of the existing Chatex users, you don’t have to copy-paste the address. The Chatex Bot offers you to send money via typing Chatex login, email, phone number, or directly into QR Code. If it’s still unclear for sending/receiving tokens, please refer to the video below.

The Chatex Bot offers users a 2-level referral program. The referral ratios are 30% and 10% for 1st and 2nd levels, respectively. Because there is no lower limit to trade P2P and lower fees such as 0.15%, it is easier to attract users for using the Chatex bot. On the ‘’Referral’’ screen, you can track the total number of referrals, total money earned from referrals’ transactions, and gather them any time you wish. On the ‘’History’’ portion, the Chatex bot provides you to track previous deals, deposits, withdraws, and trades in either ‘’.csv’’ or ‘’.xlsx’’ format. There is no limit for the history part and it’s available to find every step you made in different crypto assets on different Excel pages. These Excel pages are named as reports for the Chatex bot and available to download anytime.

And the last portion: Settings. The Chatex bot usage is not limited to a specific community or council which is also suitable for the concept of cryptocurrencies. It means that anyone from any country can use Chatex in his/her own language. The default language is English but you can change a different one from going forward to ‘’Wallet – Settings – Change Language’’. In addition to that, the cryptocurrencies highlighted in the ‘’Wallet’’ part can be deleted/added to your wallet dashboard. The last remaining tool is to show you the total amount of assets you hold in Chatex, Relative Rate. It decides the centralized exchange to track the CRYPTO/USDT pairs and calculates the holdings of your Chatex account.


Final Conclusion

None of the projects I mentioned above includes any kind of ‘investment advice’. My point is to create awareness of Chatex Bot and its products to the Publish0x community. Don’t forget to DYOR/Do Your Own Research.

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HODL the Universe

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