How to Use Chatex In the Most Efficient Way – PART 2

How to Use Chatex In the Most Efficient Way – PART 2

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 19 Nov 2020

Greetings Publish0x community. Here comes the 2nd section of ‘’How to Use Chatex’’ series. I have 4 in total to publish and all of them will focus one specific part/tool of Chatex Bot. If you have no idea about what Chatex is or why you should experience it, please refer to my previous article about Chatex. If you haven’t read the 1st section yet, read it now.

Chatex is a friendly and reliable chatbot with a built-in P2P platform right in the Telegram messenger. It is easy to make money with us. With Chatex you can generate your first income in a few minutes


After you complete the simple registration steps in Chatex Bot, your dashboard includes that 4-pieced handling tool. My topic is ‘’Exchange’’ part in this article.

Chatex allows cryptocurrency enthusiasts all around the world to access Bitcoin and 9 other different cryptocurrencies directly using the local currency in the shortest possible way. In total, it is possible to purchase 10 different cryptocurrencies using more than 150 different local currencies. Chatex has played an influential role in the modern world in terms of ending dependence on major currencies such as GBP, EUR, USD. Read on to find out the answers to questions such as how to buy any cryptocurrency through Chatex, what details to pay attention to…

As I mentioned in my previous article, which I reviewed Chatex bot in general, anyone who wants to make transactions using Chatex should either use existing ‘'Ads’' or produce a new Ad that ''belongs to him/her'’. So what is this Ad? Or is it Google Ads? Of course no :)


After clicking on the ‘'Exchange’' section via Chatex, the answer you will encounter will be as shown in the picture above. If you want to perform your trade immediately;

  • Click on one of the '’Buy'‘or ''Sell" buttons according to your preference
  • Choose which cryptocurrency you want to buy from the screen in front of you
  • Choose from a total of more than 160 options from the Fiat/Crypto duo you will use to receive this cryptocurrency

Let's say you buy Bitcoin using ETH, for example. In this case, you must first click the BTC and then the ETH buttons. Then the smart Chatex Bot will show you all the currently active BTC/ETH Ads. The screen that appears is similar to the following.


The amount of Ethereum that you will pay for 1 Bitcoin out of the 4 existing orders will be on the left side, and the highest volume that the Ad owner has set out to negotiate will be on the right side of the screen. Again, Chatex Bot will show you the best offer at the top. Then you have to tap the ✅Buy icon to continue your transaction and type the amount you want to buy. After all this adventure, Chatex Bot will use its speed and reach the Ad owner as soon as possible and transmit your answer from the opposite side. If confirmation comes from the seller, Chatex Bot will complete the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

I'd like to give you some advice if you want your transaction to happen faster. For example, having a high trading volume gives you an advantage, but not completing KYC will write a negative score to your household. In addition, the shorter the waiting time for your response to Ads, everyone will be happy. In this way, you can get positive reviews from other Chatex users and prepare a good CV for your future transactions.


So What Should You Do If the Ads on Chatex Aren't For You?

When trading on DEXs, you must use a price close to the last order on the exchange for cryptocurrency swaps. When trading on CEXs, we can't enter orders far above or far below the instantaneous price. Therefore, both types of exchanges cause deficiencies in different situations. It is at this point that the Chatex Bot says, ‘Calm down, I'm here.’  But how?

Creating orders according to your own ideas is possible at Chatex! We also owe this feature to ‘advertising’. Creating Ads means placing orders for your business transactions in your heart, hiding these orders for certain people, closing this Ad for a certain period of time, and using it in many other areas. If the transactions made in one step in the previous part are considered as Taker orders, creating Ads means reaching the Market Maker position on the Chatex Bot.


After clicking on the Ads tab, you will see the screen below. To continue, first click on the ''➕ Create" icon. In the next steps here, I will explain the use of Chatex bots for local currencies. Recently, especially with the rise in the price of Bitcoin, people have begun to question the ways that exist to buy Bitcoin. Thanks to Chatex, we open the doors of the cryptocurrency world without any KYC obligations to them.

First, I mark ‘'Sell'’, which is the transaction I want to make, and then '‘Bitcoin'’, which is the cryptocurrency I want to sell, and finally '‘TRY’', which is the currency I want to buy myself. I choose ‘'Akbank'', which is one of the 14 different payment options, and I continue by entering the amount with the price I want to sell. After all stages, I add my IBAN address and conditions. Everything is ready now! After the approval, the Ad will be published.


Thanks to the ''Share'' button, you can share your Ad to any Telegram group and attract the attention of buyers. After that, it's completely up to your own taste… If you want to taste the Chatex Bot and discover the unseen parts before my next part of series comes, register Chatex Bot now

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