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On 4 PM today, Brave announced its latest partnership with the most well-known and the most liquid cryptocurrency exchange website Binance. 

Brave, which is the leader browser all around the world with its ''privacy-orientation'' and ''cryptocurrency-backed'' features, shared an article about Binance partnership on the related article. With this partnership, Brave users can see widgets directly from Binance exchange and they will be able to trade cryptocurrencies, check his/her wallet details and deposit into their Binance account without leaving from Brave Browser. The NEW front-page of Brave Browser will be like that, below. 


This appearance is only available in NIGHTLY desktop version for a while. In April, Binance widget-added Brave Browser will be available for all types of versions on Brave Browser. The registered Binance and Binance.US users are able to change their browser into Binance widget-addet form. On the premature days of Brave-Binance partnership, the page only shows the basic elements of Binance exchange and may be similar like that, below.


Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, says “The Binance widget on Brave’s privacy-oriented browser instills a safer way to buy and sell crypto and also reduces user friction to onboard, trade and interact with the Binance ecosystem.'' And stated that they're trying to make long-term partnership with Brave.

Brendan Elich, the CEO and co-founder of Brave, says “Cryptocurrency trading can be a daunting task for users not familiar with such assets, so integrating Binance into the Brave browser makes the process seamless and simple.” And he stated that they're becoming the mainstream of cryptocurrency trading all over the world.

You can read the full announcement here.

If you don’t have a Binance account, you can register here.

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