Farm BTC/BAT at the same time from your Tablet

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Here is straight forward and bare bones bare minimum way to turn a spare tablet into a small ROI reward point "farming rig" With

Brave Browser + Hideout TV + bitcoinreward

Currently a Android OON tablet will run you $50-$100+, depending on the model.I have the entry range 7in 16gb, 2gb ram version which is around 60$ Having more ram might help with stability it is not needed for processing as; there is actually no mining being done which is why i call this a Farming Rig. 

At the time of writing this write up $60 = .0011000 (110k satoshi)  or 87.4571 BAT. 

First and Foremost, one of the best ways to "Farm" BAT is with the Brave Browser which you can Link a Gemini wallet too. The brave browser also comes in Android and iOS varieties, but today i am focusing on the Android app version.

Step 1: Install Brave Browser App and Link your Gemini Bat Wallet. 

the process of downloaded and install Brave browser is very straight forward. After installation look for the brave reward settings for steps to link your gemini wallet. This method can work on desktop too, but the RoI after electricity calculations will need to be adjusted to match the device you use or power cost, see below). Again, the more power you chuck at this method, does not actually increase any of the rewards. This is sort of the bare minimum device that can accomplish this method. 

what is the brave browser?

The Brave browser is an offshoot of the Google Chrome browser that rewards you in a little bit of BAT cryptocurrency every time a "Brave Ad" displays in the top corner of your screen. Depending on your OS it will be similar to a notification and are not distracting as loud sidebar or video web ad, you hardly notice them. They also run if your computer is on stand by so you may not even realize how many have shown from time to time. In the settings you can adjust how frequently ads run, and for this method i recommend turning it up to the maximum setting. 

What is gemini?

Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange similar to Coinbase and Kraken that offer a wide variety of Earn% opportunities similar to BlockFi or Celsius. 

Step 2: Sign up for Hideout TV

What is hideout TV

Hideout tv is a website And network of websites that content creators and viewers can join and either submit or watch youtube videos and earn a bit of the additional ad revenue that comes for extra adds playing between youtube videos playing in playlists. For this to work correctly you need to disable the brave built in adblocker and any other adblock you may have installed for the hideout tv website you choose.

Step 3: Sign up for bitcoinreward

Hideout Tv is the main hub of the hideout network, but they also have niche network websites that are more focused to a category, like thepanda is all food oriented content. The log in and the reward point tracking is for the same account. You can cash out these rewards to a number of platforms but for this particular method we are going to look at the website 

Currently you can cash out your hideout tv points to nearly a 1-1 satoshi ratio at bitcoinreward. slightly less. but over the corse of 1 day autoplaying videos, you can earn anywhere from 100-400 satoshi a day + bat of about .13 a day just leaving your device autoplaying videos with little upkeep (there is an afk check described below).

Step 4: Link your Hideout tv to your bitcoinreward account. 

In your hideout tv account go to your rewards tab. Look for the button "link new account" and from the drop down list select bitcoinreward. Fill out your corresponding account info and withdrawal your hideout tv points to satoshi directly. 

once you reach 30k total Satoshi on my bitcoin rewards you can withdraw from the website to your personal wallet of choice.  

The Breakdown

thats about 90k satoshi + 48.67 BAT / (.00000246 a day + .1333 Bat a Day) = .14¢+ 0.09¢ = .23¢ = (83$ a year)

90k sat = $50.28 atm {/$60 = 83%}

48.87 BAT = $33.52  {/$60 = 55%}

Total = $83.28 {/$60 = 138%}. or {83 +55 = 138%}. = (.14¢ * 365) + (0.09¢ * 365) = 51.1 + 32.85 = 83.95 

AVG $83+

What about electricity? 

the model connects through micro usb usually at max drawing around 10 watts when charged while being used, equals .24kW a day. I pay about .18¢ per kilowatt hour = .24 * .18 = 0.0432 a day /  $15.77 a year

(note: there are a number of chargers and devices that can power 1 small USB off solar panel + backup battery)

83.28 - 15.77 = 67.51 a year (60$ for the oon tablet) = $7.51 profit /  ROI within the first year. 

7.51 | 67.51 | 67.51 | 67.51 | 67.51.  ||| {7.51 | 67.51 | 67.51 | 67.51 | 67.51 | 67.51 | 67.51 | 67.51 | 67.51 | 67.51} = 

(7.51 + (67.51 * 4)) = 277.55 = 5 years profit |||. (7.51 + (67.51 * 9)) = 615.1 = 10 years profit}

60 +(16*5) = 140 costs  = 198% ROI.      {60 +(16 *10) = 220 costs = 279.5% ROI} 

The prices of BTC BAT and electricty for that mater will no remain constant for 10 years, let alone these next 10 years. However, a complete switch to renewable will greatly change the way electricity is valued. You should also Factor into account these calculations require BTC?BAT to remain constant, but they will most likely continue to change, going up and down over the course of the next decade. When BTC BAT are up, you are rewarded with less, but your previous farmed reward is now worth more. On the other hand, the value of BTC and BAT going down would create an increase in reward points to hold for the next rise and to attribute rewards in a DCA sort of way over time. The idea that the reward itself is tied to a share of the ad revenue so that should remain constant from advertisers budget. 

Gemini Earn & Other Tips

You can also earn % interest from hodling both of these on Gemini, which can also be linked to your brave browser so the BAT is auto deposited once a month. From there inside gemini, you just add it to your earn reserve

What I like about using the main hub of Hideout TV is there are just more videos listed and if you are going to have this run for a fair amount of time you'll eventually run into a few afk check i'll talk about in a second. Both hideout tv and bitcoinreward also have survey walls that give out about 500-1500 satoshi per survey. Doing a survey a day on either or both sites will greatly help you reach the 30k withdraw limit, even once a month. 

First and foremost, It is important to understand that you can only be logged in and viewing a video on One hideout tv website and One device per account at any given time; you cannot double up on multiple devices, and doing so will most likely get you banned from the platform all together. You can log into your account settings from a computer to cash out your rewards, but you cannot run 1 account on multiple computers to stack rewards. The also discourage multiple accounts from single IP's so i do not suggest trying to run multiple accounts like this from different devices, even family members on the same network may trigger this ban, so be careful. 

It is best to find the bear minimum device that can run this at the least amount of electricity. 

You want to make sure all add blockers are turned off because you want ads to run from youtube and the video player and if they get caught up in a adblocker loop you wont receive credit for watching the video and the next video may not load, wasting time. There is a afk check about every 2 to 3 hours, either from the video player or the website. You may run into dead videos that have been deleted from youtube but are still hosted on the website and this will cause your webpage to load incorrectly. All of these instances seem to happen about once every 2 -3 hours so you need to check in refresh your page when this happens. Once the video is loading, click the player into full screen. This seems to load both videos and adds more smoothly. 

You ll see after a few days that you may find your device stuck on the are you there / still watching / no content / old content / homepage loopback and need to refresh the page. Long story short, leaving the device running for 24 hours a day is not exactly straight forward, let alone auto pilot. You can save on power by being honest about when is the best time to leave your device running; low cost hours, time to keep an eye on it every 45 mins. These issues seem to occur when you have also cashed out from the rewards tab while the tablet is open and running a video and may be part of the afk checks. 

To Sum Up: Stack the Stats and BATS! 

This is a simple way to make some spare cash over time. Further rolling your coins into an Earn WEbsite like Geminii for bat and BTC will help you make the most of every penny coneverted. You can also roll your BTC for free into a 5% earning interest BTC account at Freebitco in where you can place wagers on sports game with Satoshi bets! 

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Hodl it right there!
Hodl it right there!

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