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Make Money Online (NOW!!!)

By psy37 | HN3T | 2 Mar 2020



Need Cash? 


Of course you do! 

...and with all of the different ways the internet seems to make money, one might think that coming up with a slick and easy way to earn an online income would be way simple, and it is or would be at least thanks to the whole crypto explosion if it wasn't for the fear of being scammed and for all the potentially bad investments one could make after being lured in by some nice looking interface which is nothing more than a bought design/script with no actual business behind it or even when it's not actually a scam it could just be a poorly set up business that fails in which case you also lose your investment... so what do you do?

Well I figured you might ask this, so I decided to share a few of my favorite sites and services which have been personally verified by me and by others as being legit.

I use these tools and services together in order to generate a steady day to day pay which little by little (or by a lot if you really work at it) will turn into a steady stream of passive earnings. Feel free to use these or replace them with your own if you find something that works better for you.


1st.) Get the ball rolling


Everyone knows it takes money to make money, right? Well, it's not a lot different in this case... so how does one who has no money start to generate some quick cash for use with their online endeavors?  Personally, first of all, I use Survey Time to get my flow started, which is a well made 3rd party survey aggregator which will automatically connect you with relevant surveys from the leading panels and it just serves them to you one by one until you're getting accepted and earning from relevant opportunities.  They pay you $1 per completion and it's a quick instant payout directly to PayPal (Cash), Amazon (Gift Card), or BITCOIN via Coinbase (sometimes for some reason the bitcoin option isn't always available and you get a Target gift card option instead, but the PayPal option seems to always be available at least AND the Coinbase option is USUALLY always there)


Get $1 INSTANTLY for every completed survey


The trick is to be honest, consistent and thorough when answering the qualifier questions, do what they say and you will find it easier and easier to get matched and accepted for surveys from different panels. Remember, you are selling your opinion, so make sure it has value by not building a flimsy profile with false and inconsistent information that clever annalists will quickly spot, bypass and possibly even red flag!


2nd.) Set up automated cash-flow systems


A.) Cloud Mining:

The next thing to do is to get set up with investments which earn automatically so you have a constant flow of funds to use for investing. 

I've been using IndigoCoin myself, and it's a fairly new cloud mining service but so far I have been able to cash out my earnings with no problems, so they didn't just take my money and they pay which makes me believe it's an actual mining farm, not a bot farm. 

You get:

  • An initial 500GH/s for your sign up bonus, and it's really easy to reinvest your earnings just by clicking the reinvest button on your mining panel.
  • Free hourly bonuses which you have to log in and click a button to claim, basically like a faucet. [Random reward of 1 - 25GHS each time you claim]
  • Referral Bonuses

You don't even have to pay a dime to get started and if you're patient/persistent enough you may never have to do anything except recruit new users and reinvest your free earnings over and over until you're at a decent mining rate.


...for as little as a $1 you get 1000GH/S and there is no minimum purchase amount so you can easily invest a little at a time if thats what works for you.

So far I've invested about $20 and I get to cash out at least 500 DOGECOIN ($1) every 2 to 2 1/2 days. I'm on a year long contract which earns faster and faster every time I make an investment and so far I should be earning at least 150 bucks from my $20 investment by the time my current contract ends. (Not bad!)

IndigoCoin currently allows you to mine Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and/or Monero.



B.) Virtual real estate investing:


Allows you to get started for free and build up your investments which earn you real money!

Buy buildings, earn money, upgrade them earn more money and eventually become the neighborhood's coolest virtual landlord tycoon.

What this is actually is is an advertising platform which is where the site's stability comes from, but it's cleverly designed to be a real estate investing game which brings in real cash flow by selling tokens for investing and ad tokens for advertising.

The other thing that's cool is it's not supported by banner advertisements or targeted advertising of any kind, the advertising is set up more like doing jobs where those who are interested in investing can do simple tasks to earn silver which they can use to buy buildings and in turn you earn back Gold and Silver from your properties.

Your Gold can be cashed out for real money, or you can exchange it for Silver or Ad Coins.

It's a stable and potentially lucrative system you can use and start investing in with literally nothing, but $1.00 gives you more than enough silver to buy a simple house which can be upgraded 3 times and will earn at a continuous rate as long as you have an account.  If you worked your way up and were to fill your entire neighborhood with commercial buildings you would be making a LOT of passive income.



3rd.) Boost your earnings...



B.C. Game is in my opinion the best option for a provably fair blockchain-based online casino which can be a very useful thing with a little practice and knowing when to walk away!

You can easily double and triple your earnings this way though, and the more cash you have in your account the easier and safer it actually becomes because you can always win back your losses if you have more money to put down. These games aren't rigged, but remember that they are still gambling, do not forget that!



Once you have enough cash saved up you can stop gambling and

Invest in the bankroll system for more stable earnings! 


--> For more info about B.C. Game check out This BLOG. <--

or get started now with this QR code to sign up and get 5 TRTL

Get 5 FREE TRTL When You Join


Thanks for reading!


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