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Crypto Banking and Loans

By psy37 | HN3T | 6 Mar 2020


These are just a few financial services I've discovered which are useful when dealing with crypto.

I will be updating this page periodically like I do with my other pages so make sure to check back later if you find any of it useful.

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Banking with Crypto


US Bank Expense Card

(Instantly turns Bitcoin into Cash)

This is a free virtual debit card (also available in plastic but not for free) which instantly exchanges your Bitcoin for USD when you make a deposit to your card's Bitcoin wallet address.



Regular online banking and debit card based in Europe which has shown itself to be an excellent service with a good reputation.  Useful for times when you need a regular bank account to deal with cash to crypto transactions like when dealing with an online exchange, also a good place to send your cash after from the us bank expense card (which has fees that make it not a great place for storing funds) after FIAT conversion.




Cash for Crypto Credit Line & Loans



Store crypto in this account to get a credit line based on your holdings. Works like a prepaid credit card using your crypto as collateral. Your credit line is half of what you deposit and you can pull out cash while your crypto sits in savings retaining it's value.



Similar to Nexo, except instead of getting credit, you simply use your crypto as collateral to take out a traditional loan based on whatever terms you agree to so that you don't need to sell off any of your holdings in order to make investments with them so long as you can make a profit and repay the loan.

It also allows holders to provide loans to others for profit.



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