One aspect of the Chromia project

By cryptage9 | hive | 13 Aug 2020


Hello, today I'm going to introduce you to one aspect of the Chromia project.
At Chromia, there is a tab where you have access to a pretty cool game.
This game is presented with a miner in a mine where you have to break blocks to recover diaments, vials to have oxygen .






You go to Chromia you select the "game" tab. There I can't show you because I have already done it, but you have to create an account (e-mail + password), then you have a recovery that you have to print or save and put the words back in order.



Then you click on the "free play" tab and the game starts.
The keys of the game are: Directional keys and the space bar to break the blocks.


You click on "Free zone" then on "Play".




In the middle in gray at the top you have the oxygen bar, at the bottom left what you have collected in diamonds, at the top right the life bar in green and in orange the light.  




What looks like capsules in the gray square is oxygen and you also have diamonds in the stones to break.



In 1 you have an example of a diament and in 2 it is a tag to come back to it when you have more oxygen to finish.





When you stop playing there are 3 tabs: Investory in this tab you can customize your character by paying with the diaments collected in the game, choose a genre (male or female).






You can improve your abilities (pickax, oxygen, ect ...). I'll let you discover.
I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have positive or negative reviews feel free to comment because I have seen in previous articles some are putting thumbs down, but I don't know why will allow me to improve .. Thank you in advance and have a good game.













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